Midtown Loft

Running ultra-hot nightclubs can drain you: so many hands to shake, so many beautiful people to accommodate, so many sketchy deals to hash out in the back room before Jackie Chan busts in to save the day... Balancing out the oontz with a casual retreat, the guys behind Midtown Loft.

A wide-open, bamboo-floored, brick-walled libation-space installed above Midtown by the Fur/Lotus Lounge/Tattoo posse, Loft's bordered with bar-height tables, wrap-around couches, and pool, foose, and shuffleboard tables, all intended to further its mission as a chilled-out "entertainment parlor" (though it features neither harpsichord nor proper frieze wall treatment in the drawing room -- so Jacobean). Each night brings a new opportunity for relaxed imbibing (i.e., drink specials), like "Game Night" Mondays (free parlor games, all-night $5 'tails); "Hump Day" Wednesdays (all drinks buy-one-get-one-free); "Power Hour" Saturdays with beers starting at $1 from 8-9pm and upping by a buck until 11p; and the live-music "Friday Night Live", which'll start off amazing but eventually be ruined by the fat kid from Keenan and Kel. To put you in the mood, they've got $4 drafts (Lite, Peroni, Midtown Amber), and 5-beer buckets for $20; to stay alert, grab a "Red Bull Round": 3 Goose/Bull cocktails "served in a portable caddy", to enjoy before BMX-ing down the Pyramids of Giza, shredding a 50ft wave at Teahupoo, or nervously rambling and foot-tapping until closing time.

Because they love you, Loft is offering FREE drafts every weekday from 5-6p -- meaning that, unless you work out a sketchy deal with the bartender, this happy hour will become Rush Hour.