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Mixt Greens

Eating's not always about grease-dripping deep-dish and artery-attacking sirloin. Sometimes, it's also about onion rings. But sometimes, it's about salads. Giving you salads worth grazing on: Mixt Greens.Naturally birthed by a culinary team featuring two Hopkins grads, MG's a sleek, sun-filled lunch lounge, now taking on the Mid-Atlantic after conquering the San Fran green scene with health-bowls so fulfilling, they put the "let-us pile on non-leafy stuff you actually want" in "lettuce". There are 10 pre-set styles in all, including the butter lettuce/coriander-crusted ahi/mango citrus vinaigrette "Maui", the spice-rubbed pork tenderloin/bacon/port reduction "Porky", the spinach/wild smoked salmon "Catch", and the red leaf lettuce/grilled prime flat iron "Bachelor", whose mom keeps insisting that he's "the real catch". If you're hurting for carbs, they've also got sandwiches like the burrata/grilled zucchini/portobello "Farmer", the kobe meatloaf/garlic mayo "Loafer", and the roasted turkey breast/chili aioli/applewood bacon "Disco", which, if it weren't for the bacon, would keep you Stayin' Alive. Because they know about computery stuff out in The Bay, MG's website's also got a calculator that'll compute the exact nutritional stats (calories, dietary fibers, protein, etc.) for any DIY salad or standard offering + add-ons like cheddar, goat cheese, or maybe a little more steak -- because all the time, it's about doing everything in your power to make a salad not a salad.