Ris Lacoste's high-end cafe

If you leave a successful partnership, your solo project had best bring the goods, lest you end up like Beyonce, who's completely fallen off the map after separating herself from that chick with the curly hair, and...Kelly...Clarkson? Lone-wolfing her way back onto the food scene, the woman behind Ris.

The eponymous 240-seater from 1789's former chef, Ris delivers elegant, globally-inspired grub in a classily-relaxed "cafe" atmosphere, with a granite-topped front-entrance bar, leather booths, walnut-finished, maple tables, and a bar-seating area with dividers made from "dolomitic" Jerusalem Stone, which in the limestone world is considered more pimp than a dude wearing a fedora and bow tie. The menu similarly globetrots, with "atteh blahmeh" (Lebanese-style lamb shank), gnudi (ricotta-filled dumplings) on a bed of spinach w/ crispy prosciutto, a good old-fashioned cheeseburger (on brioche with "onion jam"), and a grilled Portuguese skirt steak, great for eating, or watching as it vamps over a sidewalk vent. Daily specials'll keep things fresh, including her 1789-signature rack of lamb on Thursdays, and hearty-gourmet Meatloaf Mondays, which'll sit lighter in your stomach than a rock block.

To give you the confidence to live your own dreams, they've got 5 top-flight beers on tap (Allagash White, Troegs, Smuttynose, Boont, Jever), while the king of the cocktail list's the "Nantucket Bay Scallop Margarita" -- mellowed by an actual scallop to ensure that the drink isn't too fruity-licious for ya...babe.