Blessed beer and mussels

Naming something for a particular saint is often appropriate: like Saint Jude's being named for the patron of hospital workers, or St. Alban's being named for a guy who was almost certainly celibate. Landon rules! For Flemish food 'n brew named for the patron saint of partying: St. Arnold's.

A candlelit, mussel-heavy mashup of American/Flemish cuisine sneakily just-opened in Dupont, Arnold's rocks pew style benches, rustic lacquered wooden plank tables, and a large vintage French clock, and is appropriately named for the patron saint of brewing who "was said to have performed numerous miracles involving the multiplying of beer", though most of them probably ended up with him lying under the times table. Meaty entrees range from a shallot-sauced petite filet with frites, to a "Brussels sprouts"-accompanied "Air Chilled Roast Chicken"; while Belgian bivalves include "L'Alsacienne Mussels" with white wine/potatoes/bacon (in a caper cream sauce) and their house-special, beer-sauced "Mussels St. Arnold's" with caramelized shallots and duck fat, also what dudes in the post shout when Big Baby goes for a layup. The brews're equally Belgian-centric/delicious, with a 'uge list boasting imports like a Carolus Lucifer Special Blonde, domestics like a Butternuts Heinnieweisse, and drafts like a De Koninck Belgian pale ale, and a cherry Lambic called St. Louis Kriek, which just like many St. Louis creeks, could accurately be described as "full bodied".

Weekend happiness'll come via brunch options like beautiful Belgian Liege waffles with fresh fruit/ Nutella, and the crostini'd "Eggs in the Middle", and the ham/cheddar "Drug Opera", or if you're at Landon, "opera".