Brand new line from a local tee-slinger

The vigor of youth can energize dusty gems from the past, as "A Fifth of Beethoven" did with an extremely old jam from Ludwig Van, and "Walk This Way" did for the great composer's contemporaries, Aerosmith. Slapping that concept on a t-shirt, check Acropolis.Just now dropping a fresh line, Acropolis is a local tee-smith who fuses elements both classical and current, started by a one-time medical equipment salesman who decided it was time to do something that helps people. A handful of designs rep strong sporting roots: on "Mercury", eye-covering dunk contestant Dee Brown gets Roman-style winged feet as judges display his perfect score on the back, "88" says "Acropolis" in the Dodgers' original logo script and is named after the last year the boys in blue won the series, and "Julius" sports Erving on the front, Caesar on the back, and'll leave you desperately searching for the Orange you got so addicted to while working at Aeropostale. For non-sports stuff, there's "Downtown", which puts the Leaning Tower of Pisa amid a bustling modern metropolis, "Drop Bombs", with a bomber plane leveling destruction upon the Parthenon, and "Vitruvian", which features daVinci's nude dude wielding a couple submachine guns, as he obviously misunderstood the snarky jokes about him "not packing".While all shirts're printed on preshrunk cotton Alstyle blanks, there's a few that don't strictly follow the old/new formula, like "Swarm", a striking number with a phalanx of helicopter silhouettes cruising towards an unknown target, and "Living God", an image of an Egyptian pharaoh -- a close friend of Steven Tyler's, whose aggressive guy-liner provided the inspiration for "Dude Looks Like a Lady".