Eagle Rock Brewery

No matter how cool he is, going into business with your father always ends with the same result: you not being allowed to use the car. Following tradition, this time for good reason: Eagle Rock Brewery.Just opened in, well, Eagle Rock, ERB's a microbrewery devoted to helping people learn about the nuances of beer, started by a dude who used to work as a movie music editor and his father, both of whom moved to LA from Upstate NY, which is somewhere past even, like, Harlem or something. Their first batch is composed of three different brews, each made specifically to highlight one of the touchstone ingredients of beer-making: the hop-py Revolution IPA's a punchy, citrusy golden brew; the malt-heavy Solidarity is a jet-black but light-flavored coffee/caramel tinged creation, and the yeasty, straw-colored Belgian-style Manifesto is made with a touch of rose petal and only 1/2 the amount of coriander and citrus for a beer of that genre, which they say brings out the yeast flavor, prompting you to say, "yayy?". Starting tomorrow, the brewery'll be open for tours and tastings, with gratis small pours (and also-available cash pints) doled out in an expansive, unadorned tasting room w/ a marble bar looking out over the brewery itself; reservations are necessary, to ensure you don't end up in your own smaller Hyundai-shaped non-tasting room, even if it does have a pretty sweet mini-disc system. Right now, the beers are also available at Verdugo Bar and Pure Luck, with more distribution and to-go growlers and bottles dropping soon, which is a lifesaver, even if you do have to wait for Billy to pick you up.