Trying something new is risky; after all, if God wanted peanut butter to go with something other than jelly, he would've put it in the Bible, next to the part about getting all pissed off at fig trees. Risking a vengeful lord with their music, Metalachi.

Playing Tues in North Hollywood, Metalachi boldly claims to be the world's first and only heavy-metal mariachi cover band, with an outlandish stage getup that includes enormous sombreros, GWAR-esque chestplates, and Dia de los Muertos-style facepaint, all worn by classically trained musicians: alleged quintuplets that arrived in America as babies, where the first thing they saw was the record cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid, though you would be too, if you'd just taken a garbage bag full of Quaaludes. The musical mash-ups are meticulous, with highlights including a violin-punctuated "Breaking The Law"; "Sweet Child of Mine", w/ Slash's guitar solo replaced by a trumpet; and a medley that includes cuts from Metallica, The Scorpions, and the not-very-metal-at-all John Lennon, who's probably rolling over in his grave, depending on whether or not Yoko says it's cool. And if heavy-metal mariachi isn't your thing this isn't working out, there're three very eclectic other bands on Tuesday's bill: the bluesy-country-rockin, female-fronted That Old Feelin', indie-rock tribute act Black Crystal Wolf Kids, and a reggae/ska band called Styr, which stands for "Stick To Your Roots," advice hairstylists apparently refuse to give Guy Fieri.

To further facilitate a loose atmosphere, Metalachi's got a sponsorship deal with a tequila company, which means $5 drinks before 10pm and $2 off everything at the bar after midnight -- a risky move, sure, but it beats staying home with a Good Book.