Subtle evolutionary advances can make huge differences: finch beaks are perfectly adapted to crack their nut of choice, and opposable thumbs are perfectly adapted to hold the gun that wastes stupid nut-loving finches. For evolved clothing, check out Orisue.

From two OC guys, Orisue's collection spans hoodies, jeans, and shorts, taking such sartorial standards and tweaking them, either via functionality or design -- enough that they can call the new line's look "California In Space", as their lawyers advised against Neil Patrick Harris Armstrong. On the functional side, there's a denim bomber whose extra collar flap has a slot from which to dangle your shades, a spring-ready lightweight nylon jacket w/ sleeves that can zipper up to 3/4 length for in-between days, and denim with a second, hip-level series of belt-loops and buttons -- so you can choose between standard Urkel and his dashing counterpart, Stefan Urquelle. On the evolved-looks tip, there's a black-and-red linen button-up with each panel offering up a wildly different-sized checkered pattern; a two-pocket short-sleeve flannel in various blues/yellows with buttonable epaulets and diagonal print running up the middle; and four-pocket drawstring shorts w/ horizontal stripes ranging from ballpoint-thin to sharpie-thick, so you're good no matter which pen joins them in the spin cycle.

If you're not so forward-thinking, Orisue's also got classics like five-pocket denim and grey henley pullovers w/ hoods -- perfect for keeping your own maladapted beak under wraps.