A great beer bar in the valley? Uh-huh.

Before Captain Planet died in that tragic snowmobiling accident, he revealed two wishes: "Create an eco-friendly place to play darts and slam beers & cased meat, and kick that wussy Brazilian kid with the monkey out of the Planeteers, since his power of 'heart' is so damn lame." Fulfilling at least one of CP's dying requests, Tony's Darts Away.

TDA is a classic Burbank dive that's been re-ownered (by a man also named Tony) and closed for the last few months, giving it time to be cleaned out and only-slightly gussied up, with new vinyl banquettes, brand new full-backed barstools, an expoxy'd wood bar, and a high-end tap system, doling out over 30 locally crafted draughts, but no bottles, since the owner wants it to be "waste free" -- just try explaining that to your urethra. To ensure sustainability/freshness, the brews are all Californian, with oft-rotating offerings served in what they call an "honest pint", a 19.75oz cup that guarantees you both a full pour plus substantial room for head (ha!?); options include Lost Abbey's creamy, 10.5% Judgment Day, Eagle Rock Brewery's mild Solidarity ale, and the German-style Einhorn Spezial, which, despite reports to the contrary, is not Finkel Spezial. Since you're gonna have to eat something, Tony's is also serving up all sorts of gourmet, locally-sourced sausages, including a sun-dried tomato chicken, a natural pork andouille, and a Monte Carlo sweet Italian, with a schload of toppings including both creole and coarse mustard, cilantro-tomatillo salsa, and Fiscalini Farms San Joaquin cheese, which has a nutty, crazy-man beard texture and pairs well with unintelligible raps.

Of course, they've got multiple dartboards, as well as an extensive library of books about beer, a pool table, and tons of board games (dominoes/Trivial Pursuit/etc), which, with their powers combined, will give the Brazilian kid something more productive to do than communicating telepathically with a monkey named Suchi.