The Belgian Room

Returning to your roots can yield large dividends: Jordan gave up baseball and won 3 more NBA championships, while Brock Lesnar's re-entry into unscripted competition yielded a UFC title and got him on top of his wife. For a bar going back to what it did best: The Belgian Room, opening tomorrow

Setting up shop in the dimly lit, bi-level space it once called home, the resuscitated TBRs going back to its Euro-dive beginnings with a front bar area kitsched with bottle-shaped light fixtures and monk statues, a relaxed rear lounge w/ slatted wooden walls/contiguous white leather banquette, and, to inflict some cultural Van Dammage throughout, a top-shelf line-up of Belgian brews. Drafts include pulls of Delirium Tremens, plus blondes from Leffe and Chimay, while the bottle list (20 now, eventually 100+) will slap you with the likes of golden, three-grain Tripel Karmeliet; cloudy, aromatically complex Orval; 11.3% ABV Rochefort 10; oak cask aged Duchesse de Bourgogne; and Saison Dupont, prepared in a "farmhouse style" developed to dole out to workers at 5 liters per day, explaining why Belgium never excelled at much beyond beer. Eats stay the course via cones of pommes frites w/ 10 different sauces (horseradish mayo, wasabi-cucumber...), meat & cheese plates, burgers, traditional sammies called "Broodjes", and five flavors of steamed mussels plus "crusty bread", who's only cranky because his game's so stale

For those with more global hankerings, there's a full liquor bar stocked with standards from around the world, and a grip of domestic brews as well, giving you a variety of ways to return to your roots of drinking until nobody will let you get on top of them.