Food & Drink

Futuristic Asian fusion in the East Village

Gambling everything on your dream can result in glory or abject failure: Jeff Bezos moved into a garage to start Amazon, while Dean Kamen tumbled down a well of crazy to design the Segway. Betting it all that NYC needs a startlingly modern Asian eatery: Andy Yang, unveiling Kurve. Kurve's a gleaming white-&-pink seafood bistro so delayed in construction Yang bankrolled it by opening a Thai eatery (Rhong-Tiam) in the interim (like buying a racehorse 'til your other racehorse is ready). The place is decked out in xeno-futuristic chic (white banquettes; pink-hued, brightly-lit glass partitions; a raised, vulva-shaped center bar), while outside a marquee beckons passersby with undulating neon light waves -- basically, you'll think you're entering Superman's Fortress of "Hey Over Here Honey". Aquatic fare's highlighted by Sake-infused Chilean Sea Bass, Poached Filet of Striped Bass w/ fresh plum & scallion, and Miso-buttered Lobster Thermidor; desserts include the likes of Huckleberry & Black Pepper Meringue and Green Tea Tiramisu, all plated up by the guy from P*Ong, a noted sweets-smith who's always properly Atari'd. Get it? He dresses good? Shut up.Cocktails are on the sweet side, e.g., the Feisty Blood Orange (Grey Goose L'Orange, Fresh Lemon, Cranberry and Blood Orange Juices, Ginger Syrup, Jalapeno) and the vodka/champagne/strawberries P.I.N.K Punch -- also a gamble, because asking for one means risking everything that you're not ordering some ghastly sex move.