De School

Restaurant & Café DS


The next club phenomenon from the Trouw team, De School, is named for the fact that it’s in… a former school. They take the school theme quite seriously, too, even giving the odd class in the space during less nightclubby hours, and leaving the gym intact for, you know, gym stuff. But they mostly just embrace the nostalgia-inducing interior design, which has been spruced up with some plants and red leather couches. So, naturally, when it comes to its on-site sandwich café and multi-course restaurant, they just named them both DS. Both feature veggie-forward menus with relatively simple dishes like potato-jalapeño-feta that nonetheless have several of our friends saying it’s “the best restaurant food they’ve eaten in years.” Oh yeah, and did we mention that the club has a 24-hour license?

Restaurant BREDA



OK, we’re cheating a little here, as this one technically opened at the end of 2015... but since it’s all anyone seems to be talking about, leaving it off the list seemed like a criminal offense. The menu clearly takes its inspiration from the rich, Burgundian kitchen fare of the Noord Brabant city after which the restaurant is named (and from which the three owners, the same guys behind Guts & Glory, come). You can choose between the “Basic”, “Extra” or “Full Monty” menu for your price point of choice (€49.50-79.50), but the number of courses and the dishes themselves will stay a surprise until the moment the plates appear in front of you. You’ll have much more choice when it comes to the wine, though: there are 15 by the glass and 60 by the bottle.



Ice cream has had its day in the sun. OK, it’s still having it, but now there are other, juicier frozen options as well. Poised way out West, this popsicle shop’s signature flavor is Champagne-raspberry, but you get your pick of plenty of others, like Vietnamese iced coffee or strawberry-yogurt-chia seed. It’s up to you whether you wanna go deluxe with the chocolatey topping of your choice and/or nuts. (Hint: always go deluxe.)

A'DAM Toren

A’DAM Toren


This is guaranteed to be the biggest (in both size and impact) opening for the rest of the year. After much anticipation, the former Shell tower has finally been reborn. It’s got a hotel, a music school, music-industry offices, a member’s club, Amsterdam’s most exclusive suite (a rumored €10k/night), plus a much more public 20th-story Lookout platform -- with a giant swing (coming soon) where you can throw yourself out over the abyss, for an extra fee. As for the eating and dancing: now open are the lookout-adjacent MA’DAM restaurant and club, and Amsterdam’s own rotating restaurant (we didn’t miss the trend, did we?) Moon, the floor below, with a new Butcher social club coming soon, and basement club Shelter opening in September. By the end of the year, the A’DAM Toren promises 24/7 food, drink, and entertainment.

Meneer Nieges


RIP Nevel. And Nevy before that. And before that Odessa. This prime waterside spot with a massive terrace (which unfortunately loses its sun by borreltijd) has had a lot of bad luck -- which must be where the new owners got their new name: “nieges” means “bad” or “naughty” in Amsterdams-Yiddish. However, since this is the product of the Hannekes Boom and De Vergulden Eenhoorn owners, the result is anything but bad. The multilevel cement-and-grass terrace and spacious interior have been given new life in small, quirky details, and the venue dishes out reasonably priced, fancy lunchtime sandwiches and three courses of French-influenced, veggie-heavy local favorites (think green asparagus with a celeriac cream, olives, hazelnuts, and a poached egg) come evening. Plus, plenty of drinks.




The new Amsterdam outlet of the Generator Hostel is mostly just that: a hostel… if a super-swanky one. However, thanks to this showpiece bar & café, locals are flocking there anyway. The bar really covers three spaces: you’ll find most people gathered in the mod café area or on the Oosterpark-flanking terrace, but the visual showpiece is the former lecture hall that was converted to lounge seating. Oh yeah, the food is excellent, too -- go for the pizza (it's Italian approved). P.S.: there’s another swanky Boiler Room bar in the basement, but you have to get lucky (and late) to find the doors to that one unlocked.

Photo Courtesy of Fabian Calis


Amstel Station

Amsterdam’s newest rooftop hot spot only opens its doors when the weather is worthy. But when that happens, you’ve got an unobstructed sun bath waiting for you on top of Hotel Casa 400, retiring at the same time the sun does at 11pm. Wash down your vitamin D with drinks and bites (including some garden-grown goods from right on the roof) while lounging on the long wooden benches. Added to De Vergulden Eenhoorn, MOJO, and La Vallade, the Ringdijk is becoming a serious place to be seen when the sun comes shining. Who knew?




Fish gets kicked up a notch here, at the country’s first "Theatre of Fish.” Walk in and enjoy some amuse bouche, choose your fish of choice from the central “marketplace,” and then chill with a drink and the other guests while it’s prepared before you. When the check comes, you’ll be happy, as you’ll pay much less than you expect to.

John Dory

John Dory vistronomie

Canal Belt

If we tell you “vis” is Dutch for “fish,” you know everything you need to know about this menu. OK, maybe not everything, because what you also really need to know is how good this historic warehouse-housed sea-loving spot is. The chefs got their practice at Visaandeschelde and The Roast Room, and now churn out locally caught small fish and seafood dishes with top quality and presentation.


De Baarsjes

It may have a snack-bar theme -- taking the “bar” part seriously, as its other specialty is an extensive menu of Dutch beer -- but it makes such a mind-blowing falafel (a few different varieties, actually) that it’s worth the bike ride out west. This is no mere takeaway spot, either: there’s a pleasant, modern-art-accented café interior, and a tiny terrace for you to get your beer & falafel fill.


Restaurant Bleu

Canal Belt

As the name gives away, this is a French spot -- though a “down to earth” one -- meaning your serving sizes of Frenchie faves like steak tartare and escargot will be bigger than your bill. Seeing as this is from the same guys behind one of our steakhouse favorites, Black and Blue, don’t be surprised to see a healthy-sized meat section on the menu.

The White Room

The White Room


The 1885 “Witte Zaal” of the five-star Krasnapolsky Hotel has been reborn with a trendier English version of its name, an opulent gold-and-white interior, and triple-Michelin-starred chef Jacob Jan Boerma’s signature menu of fresh and tangy dishes -- like sweet-and-sour red beets with a frothy yoghurt -- prepared by Arturo Dalhuisen, a chef trained in Boerma’s other restaurant. It’s actually not as ludicrously expensive as you might expect, either: a four-course meal costs €65, and lunch less.




With Hugo’s Bar & Kitchen no longer around, the men behind it have embraced full-on fusion fare – a mix of Latin, Asian, and European flavors. Think small plates of martini-glass tortilla, foie gras crème brûlée, and quail lollipops. At lunch time, you can even catch some sun at the waterside terrace.

Bar Botanique

Indische Buurt

It was the end of an Oost era when café De Ponteneur closed its doors in December after 25 years of being every local’s favorite lunch spot. After moving through the five stages of grief, we’ve come to acceptance: De Ponteneur is dead. Long live Bar Botanique! Billing itself as a “tropical neighborhood living-room café,” De Ponteneur’s dramatically high-ceilinged interior and roomy-terrace exterior have been spruced up with a bunch of greenery, plus an all-day culinary tour of Continental café classics. This is another one from the crew behind De Biertuin, Waterkant, Smokin’ Barrels, and all the rest, so we expect big things.

Lt. Cornelis

Lt. Cornelis


Though the restaurant, hidden down a back alley in the Medieval Center, has a Golden Age theme, the menu of Dutch classics has been made thoroughly modern. Choose from locally sourced dishes like raw herring with pickle and shallots; pig neck with piccalilly sauce, capers, doughy raisin bread, and gravy; and a croquette of aged cheese with young spinach, beets, and cream. Basically, if a cheaper version of d'Vijff Vlieghen sounds up your alley, you need to go to the website and make a reservation right now.

Meatless District

Da Costabuurt

This vegetarian/vegan restaurant serves up versions of Amsterdam café-fare favorites like croquettes, falafel, and “chicken” Caesar salad in a bright, gray-washed space ironically modeled after Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. 


Happyhappyjoyjoy Oost

Eastern Docklands

Though big bro just opened last year, IQ Creative’s Asian-street-food fusion spot is already so popular that it’s taken over Mercat’s former home. That means expect the same huge, magically woodsy terrace, now strung with Chinese lanterns.

Yokiyo Oost

Indische Buurt

No longer a non-sexy thing to do in the Red Light District, our favorite Korean BBQ joint just moved to bigger digs, where it's experimenting with expanding its food offerings to create a more inclusive fusion menu.

Salsa Shop

Salsa Shop Centraal Station

Central Station

Get some of Amsterdam’s best burritos to go, as the awesome food expansion underway at Central Station now includes one of our favorite taco tents (now in its third location).

Restaurant HOUT Amsterdam


Just let the chef make the decisions at this already beloved new outpost of the Haarlem wood-themed restaurant of affordable multi-course European eats.

Bulls and Dogs

Bulls and Dogs Van Woustraat

De Pijp

More gourmet hot dogs in more locations (in addition to De Foodhallen and its traveling truck).

The Seafood Market

De Pijp

The Seafood Bar goes for its second expansion, this time with a take-out focus, but still room to sit down and enjoy the offerings in white-washed splendor.

BAUT Zuidas

BAUT Zuidas


The kitchen may keep moving, but the concept is still going strong at this roving pop-up with the world-tour menu. The new digs are decidedly more masculine, with a red-accented black interior and central fireplace.

Drovers Dog 3


Do all good things come in threes? Drovers Dog hopes so with its newest Aussie brunch-bar opening (with some dinner on the side) on the Wibautstraat.

Ter Marsch & Co

Ter Marsch & Co. Amsterdam


The Amsterdam owner of the Rotterdam-based Ter Marsch & Co. has brought his award-winning burgers (and secret sauce) home to Amsterdam -- at least for a year. Wash them down with wine and G&Ts.

LaLotta Pizzabar


The winner of Horecava’s Most Delicious Pizza in NL award, this Utrecht pizza concept known for its selection of whole-grain crusts has expanded its healthy-pizza movement to Amsterdam. You can even train to be a certified pizza professional yourself here, at LaLotta Academy.

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1. Restaurant DS Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1, Amsterdam,

Located inside De School, a former technical school in Amsterdam West, Restaurant DS is a quaint industrial space serving vegetable-heavy dishes. Eating here is a little bit of an adventure; The menu changes every week, and instead of ordering one meal or individual courses, you'll choose eat three, five or seven predetermined courses (so picky eaters might want to stray from this one). Examples of past menu items include potatoes with jalepeno and feta, cod pancetta and white chocolate blood orange dille.

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2. Restaurant Breda Singel 210, Amsterdam, 1016 AB

Named after a small city in the south Netherlands, Breda dark, reclaimed space just west of central Amsterdam. Here, fare inspired by all corners of the globe — like cod, fried chicken, ragout and ribeye, to name a few — are served with artful presentation and a keen eye for detail. You'll choose between three, four and five courses, which rotate from week to week so you'll never eat the same thing twice. Pro tip: order wine by the bottle so you have the entire 60-bottle selection to choose from (only 15 are offered by the glass).

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3. IJsmanschap Van Spilbergenstraat 2hs, Amsterdam, 1057 RG

Arguably the most Instagram-able spot in the city (and we're including the I Amsterdam sign), this little popsicle shop in west Amsterdam makes rows and rows of freshly made popsicles, all free from artificial flavors, preservative and colors. Their bright colors and aesthetically pleasing display (photography junkies, just look at that symmetry) is still no match for their unique flavors. Grab a toasted hazelnut, Marsala wine or Vietnamese iced coffee flavored one as a treat mid-sightseeing.

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4. A'DAM Toren Overhoeksplein 1, Amsterdam, 1031 KS

A'DAM Toren is a multi-purpose tower right along the water that opened its doors to the North Amsterdam in 2016. Within its 22 floors it houses a hotel, a nightclub, restaurants, bars and an observation deck, all offering stunning panoramic views of the entire city. At Moon, the circular restaurant on the tower's 19th story, you can choose from a simple menu of small plates like scallops, eel and fois gras as the entire restaurant rotates to give you a 360-degree view you don't even have to move for.

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5. Meneer Nieges Westerdoksdijk 40, Amsterdam,

Meneer Nieges is a highly social and modern spot that opened just along the water in Haarlemmerbuurt in 2016. Complete with plentiful (and packed) seating indoors, patio benches, and afire pit underneath a gazebo, this spot is perfect for a visually stunning night out with friends. You can take in the waterfront view of Amsterdam from every point in the restaurant, so pick whatever seat you can get amidst the crowd and enjoy it as you eat from their simple menu of gourmet soups, salads and sandwiches.

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6. Nescio Generator Hostel Amsterdam, , 1092 AD

Nescio (that's Dutch for "I don't know") is a modern rustic space that serves as a cafe in the mornings and afternoons and as a bar at night. It's inside the Amsterdam branch of the international hotel brand Generator, so this place is more in-tune to travelers than to locals. The menu is pretty basic for a hostel cafe/bar (sandwiches, pizza, coffee and draft beer), but when you come here you'll really be dazzled by the auditorium-like seating (this place used to be a lecture hall), minimalist furniture and Edison-bulb display.

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7. NEST 4 Eerste Ringdijkstraat, Amsterdam, NH 1097 BC

High above the city in southwest Amsterdam is a garden hidden away from the concrete and canals — that garden is NEST, which doubles as a restaurant that serves globally inspire cuisine, made fresh from its own home-grown ingredients. For incredibly affordable prices, you can enjoy the gorgeous 360-degree view of the city as you devour a plate of hummus, shrimp or ribs (paired with one of many specialty cocktails, of course).

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8. Pesca Rozengracht 133, Amsterdam,

Pesca, aka the Theatre of Fish, defies the norms of seafood restaurants — for example, instead of decorating with the steely blue and metallic color pallet you associate with restaurants of this caliber, it opts for cheery and unexpected yellows and browns for a mood-boosting and unpretentious environment. It also changes the dining experience by first letting you pick your choice of fish in a local fish market-like environment, and then preparing it to order. At the bar, you're given leeway to fill a bucket of beer or wine, to pair your seafood feast as you'd like.

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9. John Dory Prinsengracht 999, Amsterdam,

John Dory vistronomie is a no-nonsense seafood restaurant in the center of Amsterdam where the fish is as fresh as physically possible and is presented in a way with which even the most artistic of chefs couldn't compete. Start with a shared plate of mussels, assorted vegetables or cheese before feasting on a three- to seven-course meal of octopus, squid and whatever fish is seasonally available. If you're ready to splurge, pick up a wine list (just be prepared to drink white rather than red).

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10. Bar Kauffmann REINIER CLAESZENSTRAAT 4B H, Amsterdam,

There are only two words you need to know at Bar Kauffmann: falafel and beer. In this really affordable and laid-back spot, you can order a plate of falafel with mango, feta, chili or merguez with a side salad and your choice of about a dozen beers (mostly pale ales, you find anything here darker than amber ale). If you want to take your falafel a little more upscale, pair it with a classic cocktail like a gin and tonic or a Jack and ginger ale instead.

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11. Bleu Prinsenstraat 10, Amsterdam, 1015DC

The culinary big brother to next-door Black & Blue Restaurant, Bleu is where gourmet French cuisine meets an unpretentious and comfortable atmosphere. The walls are a combination of blue subway tile and wood paneling, the booths are full-fledged couches (with cushions and everything), and black marble tables are adorned with succulents and cacti, all of which give this pick a homey feel you'd never usually get while eating steak tartar, whole lobster or chicken bon femme.

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12. The White Room Dam 9, Amsterdam,

The appropriately named White Room, said to the be olden restaurant in Amsterdam that's still in its original condition, dates all the way back to 1885 and has certainly kept its polished victorian atmosphere. Within its white walls with metallic gold trim and accents, Signature Chef Jacob Jan Boerma prepares five-star meals with five, six or eight courses paired with wine selected for each specific course. Set menus change regularly here, but you're sure to come across a variation of sea bass, lamb or pigeon (yes, you heard that correctly).

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13. Pikoteo Houtmankade 9, Amsterdam,

This modern tapas restaurant is embracing the small plate, bringing an intriguing mix of flavors from Asian, European, and Latin cultures together to form something totally new. Run by the same team who owned the now-defunct Hugo's Bar & Kitchen, this restaurant is a step forward, embracing new tastes instead of updating old ones. The menu changes frequently, either to take advantage of an in-season ingredient or because the chef said so, so there's always something new to try. The signature creme brulee foie gras is almost guaranteed to be there, though, and isn't to be missed. Reservations are a good idea for this hip little tapas place, especially if you want to sit on their beautiful waterside patio.

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14. Bar Botanique Eerste Van Swindenstraat 581, Amsterdam, 1093LC

This tropical green-colored cafe projects relaxed vibes through high ceilings, large windows, and a roomy interior done up with greenery. In keeping with the vacation theme, mediterranean cuisine and pizza is on offer, as well as excellent cappuccinos, making this every local's favorite lunch spot.

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15. Lt Cornelis Voetboogstraat 13, ,

Aesthetically speaking, this Medieval Center restaurant might seem antiquated. The booths are covered in golden fabric, and paintings of old masters hang on the walls. The menu is refreshingly modern, however, and sources locally to prepare Dutch dishes like raw herring with pickle and shallots and a croquette of aged cheese with young spinach, beets, and cream.

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16. Meatless District Bilderdijkstraat 65, Amsterdam, 1053 KL

This vegetarian/vegan restaurant lives up to its name with a whole menu of meatless takes on traditional Amsterdam comfort food. You'll find easily-translatable small plates like croquettes and falafel, but the real coups are the "chicken" Caesar salad and the veggie burger, two protein-heavy dishes that may even taste better than their meaty counterparts. Meatless' bright, industrial, grey-washed space was ironically modeled after Manhattan's meatpacking district, but the service here is all Dutch politeness. Popular among the hip and health-conscious, it can be busy here at peak times so a reservation is recommended.

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17. Happyhappyjoyjoy Bilderdijkstraat 158, Amsterdam, 1053 LC

IA Creative's Asian street food-inspired spot prides itself on fresh food preparation, with open woks, streaming pans, and sizzling barbecues cooking your food in real time. Expect savory-sweet-salty-spicy combinations, like shrimps in panang curry, roasted pork char siew, and chili-smothered bok choi, all served in a woodsy terrace strung with charming Chinese lanterns.

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18. YOKIYO Oudezijds Voorburgwal 67, Amsterdam, 1012 EK

Yokiyo is an Asian-fusion restaurant whose industrial vibe is the perfect place for a quick bite with friends. Its old location in the Red Light District was often crowded with tourists, but here, you will find locals enjoying Korean BBQ, which is its speciality. The beer garden is also a great place to catch a few drinks with friends, and karaoke nights are the most rockin' time to visit Yokiyo.

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19. SALSA SHOP Amstelstraat 32A, Amsterdam, 1017 DA

This Rembrandtplein Tex-Mex spot might be fast food, but it's fast food with the modern décor, zingy salsas, and ultra-fresh meats and veggies, and even vegans will leave here with happy bellies. Plus, they serve beers and margaritas.

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20. Hout J.J. Cremerplein 34, Amsterdam, 1054 WE

Hout in in Overtoom is a wood-themed ("hout" is "wood" in Dutch) restaurant that offers affordable multi-course European eats. The menu comes in three to six courses that you order, and you can also add on a wine package with your dinner. The restaurant itself is obviously warm and inviting due to the wooden interior, and the comfy patio with couches is the perfect place to share some cocktails with friends.

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21. Bulls and Dogs Van Woustraat 58, Amsterdam,

Bulls and Dogs in De Pijp specializes in hot dogs and also has a traveling food truck where you can order weiners all around town. The gourmet hot dogs include many different options, even a vegetarian option. In addition to hot dogs, Bulls and Dogs offer draft beers, cocktails, homemade lemonades and selected wines. Pair it all with some onion rings or fries and enjoy it all in the inviting atmosphere.

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22. The Seafood Market Ferdinand Bolstraat 32, Amsterdam,

The Seafood Bar in De Pijp has a focus on take-out, but there is plenty of room to sit down and enjoy your meal and take in the white-washed ambience of the restaurant. You can stare at the sea while enjoying wine paired with some of the freshest fish in Amsterdam. In fact, all of the fish being served doesn't have any additives and is often organic. The wine is expertly paired with the fish to get the most flavorful experience.

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23. Baut Zuidas Prinses Irenestraat 31-33, Amsterdam, 1077 WV

Chef Michiel van der Eerde of The Amstel Hotel is the head chef at Baut Zuidas, which is a permanent stop for the roving pop-up series. The restaurant provides a great opportunity to try the entire menu by allowing customers to try multiple courses of the different offerings, which includes many chicken dishes and wine pairings. The interior is extremely masculine with black furniture with red accents and a central fireplace.

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24. Drovers Dog Eerste Atjehstraat 62, Amsterdam, 1094 KP

Drovers Dog is an Australian gourmet cafe with a casual atmosphere but attentive wait staff in Weesperzijde. This place is actually a cross between a coffee bar and a restaurant, serving up refined roasts and delectable Australian food all in one. Make sure to check out the very authentically Australian kangaroo. The big draw is the brunch, which features items like pancakes, Eggs Benedict and Bloody Marys.

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25. Ter Marsch & Co Vijzelstraat 4, Amsterdam,

Ter Marsch & Co. in the Muntplein area of Amsterdam is the second location of the Rottenham-based restaurant, and the award-winning burgers and secret sauce is just as good. The massive burgers are best washed down with wine and gin and tonics. The dimly lit interior create a handsome yet romantic atmosphere to enjoy your dinner.

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26. Pizza Bar La Lotta Weesperzijde 42 a, Amsterdam, 1091 EE

This healthy-pizza place in Weesperzijde has an insane selection of whole-grain crusts and high-quality flour, which makes it one of the tastiest places to grab a slice in Amsterdam. Taking inspiration from Neapolitan and Roman pizza styles, LaLotta Pizzabar creates authentic pies that come with fresh toppings. If you are gluten-free, the restaurant offers special gluten-free options that is cooked in a separate part of the restaurant. If you want to learn how to make pizza yourself, LaLotta Pizzabar offers workshops to teach you how to toss that dough.