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The 8 Coolest Restaurants in Amsterdam

Published On 12/13/2013 Published On 12/13/2013
Elysia Brenner
de culinaire werkplaats
De Bakkerswinkel
Tomaz Amsterdam
Pancakes! Amsterdam
Elysia Brenner
Elysia Brenner
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1. Café De Klos Kerkstraat 41-43, Amsterdam, 1017 GB (Medieval Center)

Café De Klos is the epitome of a no-frills restaurant: it has no website, they don't take reservations, and the menu is just a list of meats on a chalkboard. However, it is precisely this list of meats on the chalkboard that makes this place once of the best in Amsterdam. This under the radar, medieval-feeling spot is known for ribs, but it also has more than seven seared, smoked, and slathered varieties of beef, lamb, and pork steak.

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2. De Culinaire Werkplaats Fannius Scholtenstraat 10HS, Amsterdam, 1051 EX (Westerpark)

De Culinanaire Werkplaats doesn't provide a mere meal, it brings you an culinary experience. The menu changes here quicker than the seasons do and features a lineup of entirely vegetarian dishes that have been inspired by an abstract concept like architecture or "the new black." Veggie-heavy dishes delve outside the boundaries of food physics in forms like foams and taffies for a meal you'll certainly never see imitated anywhere else.

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3. De Bakkerswinkel Polonceaukade 1-2, Amsterdam, 1014 DA (Westerpark)

This is just one of five locations of De Bakkerwinkel, which serves up hearty scones and heartier fresh-made sandwiches, salads, quiches, as well as many other lunch and dinner options.

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4. Tomaz Begijnensteeg 6-8, Amsterdam, 1012 PN (Medieval Center)

This resto and wine bar's terrace is located near the skewed houses and narrow streets of Amsterdam’s medieval quarter, serving distinctly Dutch fare.

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5. Pancakes! Berenstraat 38, Amsterdam, 1016 GH (Medieval Center)

You might wager a guess at what they serve here, but their flapjacks are a little thinner and are topped with tons of sweet or savory options.

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6. Café Kadijk Kadijksplein 5, Amsterdam, 1018 AB (East)

This old school Dutch resto features authentic Indonesian cuisine like pumpkin paprika soup and traditional "rice tables". And the best part? They open 'til 3a.

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7. Semhar Marnixstraat 259HS, Amsterdam, 1015 WH (The Jordaan)

This centrally located resto serves authentic Ethiopian fare, as well as flavored beer served in coconut husks, so there's not a chance you won't enjoy it.

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8. Mashua Prinsengracht 703, Amsterdam, 1017 JV (The Jordaan)

This canal-side restaurant near Leidseplein specializes in Peruvian fusion and so it's not out of coincidence that they pour a mean Pisco Sour.



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