Mystical French Toast and a burger Jimmie Walker would love in Marietta

Marietta has a new early morning wake-up call in the form of Reveille Cafe, a relaxed offshoot of the J. Christopher's empire that -- in a unique twist of innovation -- switches things up by not switching things up at all, and also serving hearty, decadent breakfasts and brunches

It's named after the military wake-up call, but instead of having to carry telephone poles on your shoulder while on a 12-mile run, you can just get an array of caffeinated tonics starting at 7a

Up top is the Mystic Stuffed French Toast: Corn Flake-coated Challah coated stuffed w/ cream cheese, topped w/ strawberries & bananas, and drenched in vanilla rum sauce. Right here are tart lemon pancakes stuffed with plump blueberries and topped with lemon creme. Throw a lemon Warhead in your mouth if you're really hardcore

And if you're too busy reading Redbook Italia to venture out before noon, the Dyne-o-mite Burger is adorned with cheddar, crispy bacon, and a fried egg, and employs an actually innovative twist -- a pretzel bun.