The number of perfection. Basketball legend Larry Bird's jersey. A Southern small-plate bistro with inventive sake cocktails from the Crepe Revolution owner. What connects them? The number 33, which TABLE33 took on because one of the guys behind it loves numbers, and the other is a basketball fan. Or knows that GA is on the 33rd parallel. Or something

You're now allowed to eat dessert before dinner, because your mom's not here, and because it's in cocktail form -- the Chocolate Heaven with housemade, definitely not-copyright-infringing "Kahlua" infused with TY KU sake, plus coffee, ChocoVine red wine, and grated espresso beans

The Apple Cosmo makes further use of the rice wine by using Fuji apple sake, triple sec, and cranberry juice

These St. Louis Ribs are the biggest small plate ever, and're dry-rubbed in spices before being slow-cooked with their housemade BBQ sauce and served over local sharp cheddar grits from Logan Turnpike, which apparently is not just where Wolverine rides his bike really fast when he's pissed off about Jean Grey loving that tool Cyclops

Wouldn't you like a be a pepper too? This Grilled Bistro Filet sure would, as it's pepper-crusted, then topped with peppercorn sauce and served with locally-sourced pepper smashed red potatoes and parsnips.