Sandy Springs' Mexican food/party emporium

A little touch of nature. Not the best thing if it's Ric Flair lightly caressing you. Definitely a great thing if it's in an otherwise hyper-modern taqueria and entertainment facility serving authentic Mexican street food and authentic Mexican not-street food, then turning down the lights (and turning up the infinitely more-multicolored ones) to host parties post-dinner

See? Here's the nature. Live plants, trees, multi-textured woods, mosses, and stones

A river runs through this table in the private dining room, although master fly-fisherman Tom Skerritt won't yell at you if you're out partying too late, since that's the whole idea

Get the cocktails going with the Calibre 50, a Los Nahuales Reposado-heavy concoction with agave nectar, orange, and Angostura bitters

Sure, The El Chamuco might be pink, but so is Bazooka gum and certain Cadillacs, so it's cool. It's loaded with blanco tequila, Chambord, ginger beer, lime, and fresh blackberries

The Guacamole Classico. Translation unavailable

The street-food side delivers stuff like shrimp tacos and brisket quesadillas, but things get a little less tortilla-intensive with the Pasilla Blackened Salmon w/ sauteed veggies, organic spinach, shiitake mushrooms, and salsa roja

If you're gonna get a salad, you'd better throw a damn steak on it.