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6 new Atlanta bars and restaurants you need to try, right now

Published On 10/16/2013 Published On 10/16/2013

If they're smart, ATLiens would... um, hurry up and release another Outkast album, already! OK?! And then they would immediately repair to one of the sweet new restaurants/bars that've opened this Fall, some of which are doing Korean BBQ, some of which are all about suds. And one may or may not require you to take "Elevators" to the "13th Floor". All of which are awesome, though:


Take the meat and sauces of a Korean place, combine them with the fried-everything of a soul food place, and you have the majesty that is Sobban. They call themselves a “Korean Southern Diner”, and, if you need proof, the Kalbi short rib with fried Georgia shrimp should convince you.


Smoke Ring
Castleberry Hill
Named after the delicious pink layer that distinguishes real barbecue from its pretenders, Smoke Ring is bringing upscale, yet down-to-earth ‘cue to Downtown... like, any second now. Ok, they're opening the 24th.


Ink & Elm
Druid Hills
Choose from the lounge, restaurant, or tavern menu. It doesn’t matter, you’re going to win. And you can come back for something brand new tomorrow, because the chef buys fresh from farmers daily.


Three Taverns Tasting Room
As Coughlin' once famously said, "beer is for breakfast"... and lunch, and dinner, and a quick snack, and... well you get the idea, and so do the peeps at Three Taverns Brewery, where their new $1.9 million suds-making facility includes a sweet tasting room right in the heart of Decatur.


Bantam Pub
Old 4th Ward
A small, neighborhood-style boozer boasting solid libation options and a constantly rotating menu stocked with stuff like fried calamari, hanger steak, and a jicama slaw-topped sandwich who's name is also what you answer when someone asks your favorite crustacean: Shrimp Dog.

Andrew Thomas Lee

Kimball House
In addition to badass cocktails, this Decatur eatery slings platters full of iced oysters that're sans spicy/ overpowering cocktail sauces. Instead, you get a little mignonette sauce (shallots, cracked pepper & vinegar), in an eyedropper so you can blind yourself! flavor your bivalves just so.

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1. Sobban 1788 Clairmont Road, Decatur, GA 30033 (Decatur)

Sobban is using a farm-to-table approach in serving up some great Korean soul food right here in Decatur.

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2. Three Taverns Craft Brewery 121 New St, Decatur, GA 30030 (Decatur)

Three Taverns is all about making American-style Belgian beers and bringing every around the table to enjoy quality and flavorful suds. They host events in their tasting room, or you can buy some Three Taverns merch to show your support.

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3. Smoke Ring 309 Nelson Street, Atlanta, GA 30313 (Castleberry Hill)

We are already seeing great things from Smoke Ring, currently in their soft opening, like Kobe beef hotdogs wrapped in bacon just wait till they really get the smokers fired up. Locals think that Smoke Ring serves up not only the best BBQ in Castleberry Hill, but in all of Atlanta.

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4. Bantam Pub 737 Ralph McGill Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA 30312 (Old 4th Ward)

Check out this small and cozy pub serving up some great beers and comfort food.

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5. Kimball House 303 E Howard Ave, Decatur, GA 30030 (Decatur)

Located on the former site of an old train depot on the south side of Decatur, Kimball House is a nationally lauded French restaurant and cocktail bar. Libations at this decidedly plush spot include modern, made to order reinventions of the classics, and a full service absinthe bar. High end fare like caviar, filet mignon and a raw bar are menu standouts -- but if you want the luxe experience without getting too spendy, stop in Monday through Friday from 5-7pm for $1 to $1.50 oysters.