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Atlanta, the Best Day of Your Life is almost here

June 21st isn't going to be just any old Friday. Thanks to Thrillist, it's going to special... it's going to be Best Day of Your Life. Here is exactly what you need to navigate it

This'll be the sickest ever if you: 1) convince your boss you've got whatever killed all those people in Contagian, and can't come into work, 2) download the printable itinerary with sexy map, here, 3) follow all the #BDOYL social action, and 4) get ready to enjoy the longest day of the year with stuff like a free pastry with your morning Joe at Condesa, and gratis bites/drinks at STK during happy hour

6:27 am: Rise with the sun and do the Dougie, because it's the Best Day of Your Life

Shut The Birds Up: Today calls for a soundtrack, so stuff your headphones in your ears and jam to some old-school Outkast

Get Your Mind Right: Shower up, and pull on your finest white tee, while blithely ignoring the traffic updates on Q100's Bert Show, 'cause you're not going in to work today

Morning Jolt: Hit Condesa Coffee for pastry and espresso 'cause if this day's going to be the best, you'll need plenty of caffeine... and carbs. If they’re too packed, head up the street to N Highland's Inman Perk

Breakfast Of Champions: Take Boulevard down South to Memorial Drive and Home Grown for a heaping bowl of BBQ shrimp & cheese grits or their steak hash & eggs. If all the seats are taken, head back up Memorial to Ria's Bluebird for a stack of blueberry flapjacks

Fuel To The Fire: Still got the munchies? A flaky croissant from Little Tart Bakeshop up the street will provide some extra energy.

Take A Breather: Jump in your ride and head to Midtown's Piedmont Park. Grab a bench and lazily salute the runners who jealously eye your aforementioned croissant as they pass by

It's Time For Lunch: Take a short stroll across the park to MetroFresh for a gourmet sammich and a grape soda, 'cause today calls for purple drank. If the line's too long, take it next door to Woody's for a famous cheesesteak

Walk It Out: Take in the sweet graffiti lining the Atlanta Beltline where it runs alongside Kanuga and underneath Virginia Ave. The used condoms and other trash are gross, so pay no attention

Get Swagged Out: Retrieve your ride from the clutches of the Park Atlanta tyrants and take 10th St to Peachtree. With that Macklemore song in your head, bounce into The Clothing Warehouse for some cheap vintage threads. Vintage gear not your thing? Head up the street to H. Stockton for the exact opposite of that

Happy Hours: After getting grandpa-chic, head a few blocks North to STK where you'll take down copious amount of gratis small bites and drinks

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: With a gorgeous STK go-go dancer on each arm, take 14th to Crescent for a chicken-for-three dinner at South City Kitchen, then wash it down w/ a peach whiskey-based Back Porch. Prefer the fried chicken at Olmsted? It’s just across the street

8:51 pm: Watch your awesome day end on Lure's patio while swilling their Your Money, My Looks punch w/ bourbon, Prosecco & grapefruit directly from the bowl. Too crowded? Front Page News is right next door. Either way, you've just had the Best Day of Your Life.

Best Day of Your Life -- Atlanta