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A-Town's 5 most incredible melty sandwiches

Three Sheets in Atlanta Grilled Cheese

If you didn't know that April was National Grilled Cheese Month, you should punish yourself by eating so many of these awesome grilled cheeses that you feel ill

Highland Bakery's Grilled Cheese655 Highland Ave NE; Old Fourth Ward; 404.586.0772This puppy melts bold Vermont white cheddar over rosemary garlic bread, and health nuts can add sprouts, avocado, or tomato. Cool people can add bacon.Click here for all about Highland's locations and menus

Three Sheets' Grilled Cheese Dinners6017 Sandy Springs Cir; Sandy Springs; 404.303.8423Three Sheets not only has a mainstay grilled cheese sandwich of applewood-smoked cheddar paired with tomato bisque, but they also host monthly Grilled Cheese Wine Dinners that feature a rotating mix of combos like proscuitto, Taleggio, and apple on HF sourdough. There's even one with brie, raspberry preserves, and toasted walnuts on challah.More on what Three Sheets is all about after the link

The Vortex's Triple Coronary Bypass438 Moreland Ave NE; Little Five Points; 404.688.1828This guy scoffs at your high cholesterol and fat intake and raises you three burger patties, three fried eggs, fourteen slices of American cheese, and ten slices of bacon, all packed between two grilled cheese sandwiches used for buns. To your health!The Vortex is more than just promises of heart attacks. Check here.

Seven Lamps' Crispy Cheese Sandwich3400 Around Lenox Rd NE #217; Buckhead; 404.467.8950Seven Lamps takes Gruyere, fromage blanc, and Jack, then marries them all shotgun wedding-style with avocado and egg on a brioche bun. Note to all the dinnertime fatties: you can only get this bad boy during lunch.And there's more

The Albert's Big Cheese918 Austin Ave NE; Inman Park; 404.872.4990The Albert's Big Cheese takes fresh mozzarella and melts it over white toast covered in their toasted pesto and grilled tomato for a grand sammich you almost feel fancy eating. Almost...Link right this way for more on The Albert Atlanta

Highland Bakery in Atlanta grilled cheese
The Vortex Triple Coronary Bypass in Atlanta
The Albert Big Cheese grilled cheese in Atlanta