ATL's response to the Cronut: Doughssants, Cro-Doughs, and more

Star Provisions - Dossants

Since the fateful day in May when NY's Dominique Ansel Bakery introduced the Cronut -- the wholly delicious result of an un-holy union between a croissant and a donut -- knock-off versions of this wonderfully fattening confection have spread across the country, much to the chagrin of people tired of hearing about 'em/unable to get 'em where they live. Lucky for you (unless you're the former), you're not the latter.

Cake Hag - Doughssant

The Doughssant, Cake Hag
The merry bakers over at Cake Hag were the first to bring this labor-intensive (croissant dough takes two days to make!) treat to the A. They offer two upgraded versions, one that's filled with Madagascar vanilla bean cream, then topped w/ brown sugar & brandied peaches…

Cake Hag - Doughssant

… and a version covered with caramel and the only foodstuff that can rival the Cronut for ubiquity: bacon.
Available: only on Tuesdays from 7-10a via special pre-order at

Revolution Doughnuts - Cro-Doughs

The Cro-Dough, Revolution Doughnuts
While the Decatur doughnut shop's motto is "Put Something Good In Your Mouth", they apparently don't give a damn if said something going in your mouth is good for you. The evidence: a wheel of awesomeness with delicate layers of croissant fried up golden brown and covered in a buttery bourbon maple glaze.
Available: daily, but their obvious awesomeness means they're typically gone in an hour, so get there when they open at 7a.

Star Provisions - Dossants

The Dossant, Star Provisions
The West Midtown bakery and gourmet shop has distinct offerings dubbed "dossants" -- these include the standard plain w/ burned sugar; a Bavarian creme-filled topped w/ seasonal fruits; a decadent chocolate hazelnut; and one filled w/ lemon curd that's presumably whey better than the others.
Available: daily, from 10a until they run out, which isn't long, so get their early.

Sublime Doughnuts - Frosted Croissants

Frosted Croissants, Sublime Doughnuts
These delicate pastries are so good, they're probably the ones Kanye was asking the French waiter to hurry up with, and have been a staple at GA Tech's early morning sugar stop Sublime Doughnuts for years, so it's really you that's late to the game, guy from Dominique Ansel Bakery.
Available: all the time! Hours vary daily.

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