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The best burger in every Atlanta neighborhood

Published On 07/30/2014 Published On 07/30/2014

Sure, it was nice of us to tell you about the best neighborhood restaurant in every ATL 'hood, but what if instead of going to Varasano's in Buckhead, Inman Park's One Eared Stag, etc., you just want a great burger?

For that, you'd need someone to scour the city for the best burger in each one of Atlanta's 'hoods, or something. Oh, wait...

Holeman and Finch Public House


Holeman & Finch (address and info)
What you're getting: The Hole & Finch Burger
If H&F sold the greatest burger in Buckhead (and one of the 33 best burgers in the country) all the time, there’d probably be a constant traffic jam on Peachtree. So, maybe it's a good thing that only 24 of these double-stacks on a house-made bun, with ketchup, mustard, and pickles are available each night. Maybe.

Cypress Street


Cypress Street Pint & Plate (address and info)
What you're getting: Sublime Donut Burger
Would you rather have a half-pound burger with cheddar, caramelized onion, and applewood bacon, or a couple of warm, glazed donuts from Sublime? Who cares when you can have both?!

Sebastian Davis

Little Five Points

The Vortex (address and info)
What you're getting: Fat Elvis
Fried bananas, peanut butter, and bacon are all the things The King held dear, but it's the addition of a big hunk o' beef that'll have you saying "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" when this sucker gets to the table.

Grindhouse Killer Burgers


Grindhouse Killer Burgers (address and info
What you're getting: Double Cowboy Style with cheese
Two succulent patties with bacon, chedda’, and sauce are topped with enough onions rings to fill a 10-gallon hat. So mosey on down to the Sweet Auburn Market for lunch and set a spell, because this one will carry you for the long haul.



YEAH! BURGER (address and info)
What you're getting: Fig & Goat Cheese
It’s easy to convince yourself this double-stack of grass-fed beef is healthy when they top it with with hydroponic arugula, fig jam, caramelized onions, and local goat cheese... so you should probably go ahead and get two of 'em.

Sebastian Davis

East Atlanta

Elder Tree Public House (address and info)
What you're getting: The Spur
Served on brioche bun, topped with sautéed portabellas & onions, and garnished with a tangy/creamy bleu cheese & stout mustard combo, this soccer bar's burger is made with lamb, and despite a name that evokes the London Premiership club Tottenham Hotspur, it is actually pretty good.



Ann’s Snack Bar (address and info)
What you're getting: The Ghetto Burger
Even its name is gangster, and that's exactly how "Miss Ann" will act if you cross any of her eight rules for ordering one of these double-patty delights, which're full of things the body needs like bacon, chili, cheese, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Sebastian Davis


Cozy Burger Town (address and info)
What you're getting: Mexican Taco Burger
This solid meat-disc is topped with something chili-esque, which's held in place by the melty cheese of your choice, thrown on a bun, and served with tortilla chips instead of fries for that authentic, South-of-the-border falva. South of the Georgia border anyway.

Sebastian Davis


Ssam Burger (address and info)
What you're getting: Kimcheese
Beef and kimchi are the combination you didn’t know you were missing in your life. The Sriracha, which is literally on everything at Ssam, pops in your mouth. The slightly sweet bun brings you back down to Earth. The provolone cheese is just there to say “hi”. You’ll give it a nod back before gobbling it in far fewer bites than you imagined.

FLIP burger boutique Poncey Highland


FLIP Burger (address and info)
What you're getting: Southern
As if a unique chicken-fried beef patty wasn't enough, Chef Blais is topping this sucker with pimento cheese, b&b pickles, and a coca-cola ketchup that'll make you... sorry'boutthis!... flip when you try it.

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1. Holeman & Finch Public House 2277 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 (Buckhead)

Let's be honest: you're coming to this contemporary gastropub for the famous Holeman & Finch cheeseburger, which, you should know, is now permanently on the menu, day and night (it used to be a secret of which only the lucky few knew, exclusively served when the clock struck 10pm). One of the best in the country, it's a double patty on a house-made bun with melty cheese, pickles, onions, and a side of fries. They have other quality dishes like shrimp & grits and lamb sweetbreads, but seriously, order the burger.

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2. Cypress Street Pint & Plate 817 W Peachtree St NW, Ste E125, Atlanta, GA 30308 (Midtown)

Midtown's beloved beer emporium, Cypress's got awesome daily features like trivia Wednesdays and 1/2 off apps Friday.

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3. The Vortex 438 Moreland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307 (Little 5 Points)

This sibling-owned bar and restaurant in Little Five Points is a self-proclaimed "Official Idiot-Free Zone," and they're notorious for kicking out rude or high-maintenance customers to create a laid-back and fun crowd (they're usually pretty young, too). It's hard to imagine why anyone here would be picky with their food when they've got such a massive selection of whopping, diverse signature burgers like the Hawaiian-themed Freaky Tiki and the Holy Guacamole (self-explanatory), along with a hefty selection of local draft beers (and beer cocktails), cocktails and shooters.

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4. Grindhouse Killer Burgers 1842 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30324 (Buckhead)

Grindhouse Killer Burgers is kind of like the reading a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book, but it's better because there's food involved. Orders are customized from scratch from the meat (beef/turkey/veggie) to the size of the patties to the toppings (of which there are a dozen), but if you aren't feeling creative, there are a handful of burger "styles," like the Hillbilly with brisket chili and the bleu cheese-heavy Yankee. A lot of folks drop by and get theirs to go, but they miss out on the kung fu movies that are always playing on the flatscreen tvs.

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5. YEAH! Burger 1168 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318 (West Atlanta)

YEAH!, the fast-casual burger brainchild of local culinary star Shaun Doty and his buddy Lil' Jon Erik Maier, lets you custom-rig natural and organic meats, breads, sauces, and cheeses into a beautiful burger of your own. You can go as simple as you want with a grass-fed beef patty and the usual lettuce and tomato add-ons, or go off the deep-end with a bison patty topped with pimento cheese, hot relish, onion rings and bacon. Point is: the options are endless and the choice is yours.

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6. The Elder Tree Public House 469 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316 (East Atlanta)

This Irish public house offers up traditional pub fare utilizing items like house-cured bacon, fresh salmon, and more. Their crowning achievement is perhaps their Spur burger, which comes with blue cheese, portobella mushrooms, and onion.

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7. Ann's Snack Bar 1615 Memorial Dr, Atlanta, GA 30317 (Kirkwood)

The burgers at Ann's snack bar, some of the best in Atlanta, could qualify the Kirkwood spot as the eighth wonder of the world. The voluptuous, hand-pressed Ghetto Burgers bring chili sauce, bacon, a super-secret seasoning, fat pieces of onion, and fried bacon together in a burger that's admittedly difficult to eat but so worth the mess (you've just gotta dive right into this one). There isn't ample seating, but after a short wait you can sit along the bar and watch it get made right in front of you, which, trust us, will work up an appetite large enough to tackle it on your own.

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8. Cozy Burger Town 2641 N Decatur Rd, Decatur, GA 30033 (Decatur)

Be sure to try the Mexican Taco Burger, a solid beef burger that's topped with something chili-esque, and held together by the cheese of your choice. Plus, they add some tortilla chips for that authentic South-of-the-border falva.

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9. Ssam Burger 2072 Defoors Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 (West Atlanta)

This Asian-fusion joint blends together Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and even American cuisines to bring you mega-meals like their Kimcheese Burger, which comes loaded with Sriracha and potato wedges.

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10. FLiP Burger Boutique 1587 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 (Midtown)

Flip Burger Boutique, the Atlanta-born, modern burger joint from acclaimed Chef Richard Blais, was one of the city’s first to hone in on boutique burgers, and it ignited a frenzy. Now with locations in Nashville and Birmingham, Flip continues to serve the Southeastern masses over a dozen innovative burgers, sides, and nitro-milkshakes. You can’t go wrong with the Classic, but the Stack is something really special (two specialty-seasoned patties, American cheese, grilled onions, tomato, shredded lettuce, pickles, flip sauce, you’re welcome). If you’re craving adventure, try the raw steak tartare burger, or go poultry with the fried chicken sandwich, or avoid meat all together with the "Fauxlafel." No matter what you order, it’s important to enjoy it with a side of sweet potato tots, and to wash it down with a milkshake.



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