Best Burgers in Atlanta You Can Order For Takeout and Delivery

Get your burger fix.

We’ve all realized it by now -- one of the best quarantine pastimes has been ordering in all the great food that Atlanta has to offer. From the most noteworthy brunch spots across the city to some of the tastiest international restaurants inside and outside the perimeter, the service industry isn’t going down without a fight. Yet even with all of the gourmet options out there, we completely understand if you just want to reel in your takeout shindigs and simply enjoy a good-ass burger.

If you're going to eat something that's been ground, mashed together, seasoned, cooked and dressed up with all types of things that change how it tastes, you'd certainly better be sure what you're eating is the absolute best. And with so many restaurants in ATL boasting great burgers on their menus, it’s only right that this list is somewhat extensive. That way, whether you’re craving a classic steak patty, contemplating a brisket burger, or looking for a meatless option -- there's a spot just for you. Peep this roundup of Atlanta's best burgers that are available for takeout, curbside pickup, or delivery.


Ironically rooted at the Atlanta Dairies complex, Wonderkid offers a dairy-free burger that combines a generous half-pound slab of juicy dry-aged beef with lettuce, pickles, onions, and its trademark cheesy “wonderwhiz” topping. The burger hovers dangerously close to $20, but its health-minded approach to a cheese alternative makes the price much easier to stomach.
How to order: Pickup via online order, delivery through Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash

Slutty Vegan

Multiple locations
Burgers don’t have to be a red meat fest, and while some of the most unique burgers -- lamb, blended chicken, etc. -- aren’t available due to restaurant closings, Slutty Vegan is still here for those who desire a plant-based burger. Enter the One Night Stand, a plant-based wonder featuring vegan bacon, vegan cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, all on a vegan Hawaiian bun. And you can forget their signature slut sauce.
How to order: Pickup via online order, delivery through Uber Eats

The Vortex

Little Five Points
The Vortex has it all -- the ambiance, the merchandise, the drinks, and most importantly the burgers. While it feels like blasphemy to enjoy any of the Vortex’s burgers without dining in at the Little 5 Points location, we’re willing to take the risk. For its takeout menu, the options have understandably been cut, so for a wild and flavorful choice, go with the Pickle Rick. At a heavenly $10 price point, the burger comes topped with fried pickles, whiskey pimento cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and an unforgettable Szechuan sauce.
How to order: Pickup by calling 404.688.1828

Wrecking Bar Brewpub

Inman Park
The fact that you’re grabbing a burger from a place that brews its own beer is alluring enough, but let’s get into the specs. It’s made using grass-fed beef from White Oak Pastures, whose juiciness and flavor mix perfectly with Vermont cheddar, vine-ripe tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and Wreck Sauce. If this sounds perfect as is, wait until they add the bacon slices. You can secure the OG Burger from 4-8pm Tuesdays through Saturdays, and stop by after later in the week you can grab some to-go beer as well.
How to order: Curbside pickup by calling 404.221.2600

fred's meat & bread
Kevin Alexander/Thrillist

Fred's Meat & Bread

Krog Street Market
Chef Todd Ginsberg created the burger stack at Bocado. He left in 2012 and opened The General Muir, where he created an updated version. Now at Fred’s, one of Ginsberg’s Krog Street Market stands, you can get a faster (but still delicious) double-pattied burger of crispy seared ground beef on bread from his TGM Bread company -- in four to seven minutes -- simply accented with American cheese, mayo, and bread & butter pickles. Open 12pm-7pm Wednesdays through Sundays, Fred’s is the place to go for a solid, no-frills burger.
How to order: Curbside pickup via online order, delivery through DoorDash

Grindhouse Killer Burgers
Tori Allen PR

Grindhouse Killer Burgers

Multiple locations
We love the Cowboy Style, but the truth is that the Apache Style is Grindhouse's current champ. The Apache comes with pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, New Mexico green chiles and lettuce, and you can get it double-pattied for $9.24 -- or keep it at a junior (which is enough) for a more reasonable $7.49. Temporary hours and ordering methods vary location to location, so be sure to check Grindhouse’s site for the most up to date information.
How to order: Pickup via Grindhouse’s app, delivery through DoorDash

Muss & Turner's
Mike Jordan/Thrillist

Muss & Turner's

The way the white Cheddar cheese lays between the shiny French bun and a single 6-ounce patty of grilled Riverview farm beef reminds you of the security blanket you grew up clinging to for happiness in your youth. Then you feel the burn of the poblano pepper underneath the beef, which is coolly balanced by a layer of cilantro aioli. And you realize you’re a grown-up, and even happier with life than you were as a kid. This is the burger of adulthood. 
How to order: Pickup by calling  770.434.1114 or online order

one eared stag
Kevin Alexander/Thrillist

One Eared Stag

Inman Park
The flavor of this surreptitious burger will surely arouse your taste buds. The bun is from Alon’s, the two patties are made of 80% pastured Oregon beef and 20% Iowa farmed bacon, and -- well, do you really need more detail? Ok, how about this: the menu doesn’t even tell you what it is. It’s a well-kept secret that'll also set you back $19. Honestly, it’s still worth it. 
How to order: Curbside pickup by calling 404.525.4479

Mike Jordan/Thrillist


The Westside’s best burger is something you need to experience. Housemade mayo and American cheese set the stage; two 3-ounce patties of brisket, chuck, and short rib are the stars; and a soft buttery bun with a pile of pickles is the encore.
How to order: Pickup via online order; delivery through DoorDash and Postmates

Oak Steakhouse Atlanta
Heidi Geldhauser

Oak Steakhouse

Elevating burgers to fit their steakhouse style, Oak hits you with a grilled perfection with its Smash Burger (no, not those other burger guys). The steakhouse tops it off with simplicity -- a classic assortment of American cheese, secret sauce, lettuce, and pickles. It's served on brioche with a side of  your choice. Stop by between Wednesday and Sunday to pick up yours.
How to order: Curbside pickup by calling 678.722.8333, delivery through Grubhub

Farm Burger
Farm Burger

Farm Burger

Multiple locations
A lot of what I’ll call “burger farms” started popping up in ATL a few years ago, but few have survived and thrived like Farm Burger. They’ve got a few delicious variations, but the No. 1 is a strong standard, with its aged Vermont white cheddar, caramelized onions, and house sauce, which are all great as a group but are greater when you add local bacon for two bucks. If you need a second option, try the No. 3 made with pasture-raised pork.
How to order: Pickup via online order; delivery through DoorDash

Barleygarden Kitchen & Craft Bar
Barleygarden Kitchen & Craft Bar

Barleygarden Kitchen & Craft Bar

You can't simply forget that Barleygarden, being a beer garden and all, also enlists Chef Kevin Outz of The Spotted Trotter charcuterie and butcher shop. His flavorful opus of a burger, the Braut Burger, is sadly not on the quarantine menu, but the double patty BG SteakBurger isn’t anything to scoff at either. Also remember there are plenty of taps flowing, and being that it's the Hop City gang choosing the brews, you should grab a growler and have a global awakening before your food coma. 
How to order: Pickup by calling 678.266.6218 or order online

Local Three
Michael Mussman

Local Three

The Local Three/Muss & Turner's gang is known for pulling off highbrow and lowbrow dining experiences at the same time. The McDowell is a nod to the famous Mickey D's knockoff from Coming to America, and in this burger, L3 makes its rendition of a Big Mac. There's no ridiculous three-floors of bread, but there are two quarter-pound beef patties with a special sauce, American cheese, pickles, onions, and iceberg lettuce. Of course, this version is approximately 10,000 times better since the ingredients are super fresh and the beef is Angus, but you'll still want to crack a burger-in-cheek joke about “the golden arcs” after your first and final bites.
How to order: Curbside pickup via online order, call 404.968.2700 for delivery

Hampton + Hudson Community Bar and Restaurant
Hampton + Hudson

Hampton + Hudson

Inman Park
Hampton + Hudson boasts an excellent blended chicken burger, but the smoked shiitake chicken burger is sadly excluded from the H+H’s temporary menu. Luckily, it’s still applying pressure in the burger department with diverse options, from a chickpea burger to a standard double cheese. More exciting, though, there’s the weekly Billy Burger special that includes a burger and craft beer at a delicious price point of $10. The special changes weekly, so call in and cross your fingers for the smoked shiitake chicken burger.
How to order: Curbside pickup and delivery via online order

fox bros bar-b-q
Justin Fox

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

Candler Park
It’s technically what the name suggests, although it’s also so much more. See, Fox Bros. already had a brisket sandwich, but it figured it would flip the format by offering a “burger” that’s actually made of chopped brisket (thus the quotation marks). Then Fox added bacon, tomato, red onion, pickles, melted pimento cheese and jalapeño mayo. You’ll probably start putting everything you say in air quotes -- Virgil Abloh style -- after you eat it, in hopes that such grammar tricks will magically reveal that everything is possibly made of brisket.
How to order: Pickup by calling 404.577.4030, delivery through DoorDash

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Mike Jordan almost died reviewing burgers with Kevin Alexander during his Best Burgers in America death wish, so don’t even play like he doesn’t live this burger life. Hit him on the 'Gram or Twitter if you want to discuss fries though.
Joshua Robinson is an Atlanta-based contributor whose partner graciously prevented him from spending all of his money on burgers while updating this piece.
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