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The 5 best new fried foods to eat in Atlanta

Published On 10/23/2014 Published On 10/23/2014

If there's one thing Atlanta does better than any other place it's... well, these 20 things... but we're also really, really good at fried food. So good, in fact, that restaurants are always coming up with new ways to put their fryers to use, as evidenced by our list of the five best fried foods to eat in Atlanta:

Sebastian Davis

Ranch & Cheddar Pork Rinds

The Painted Pin (address and info)
Hot, fresh-out-of-the-fryer pork skins are immediately dusted in a ranch and a cheddar powder, not to be confused with Powder cheddar, most of which Jeff Goldblum spent on black- and/or horn-rimmed glasses, presumably.

Amanda Averill

Hot chicken sandwich

Southbound (address and info)
The bird is brined, breaded, and dry-spiced with Schezuan chili before being kissed by the fryer. A fried green tomato, goat cheese, pineapple habanero jam, house-made Schezuan mayo, and a Bibb leaf complete the brioche stack. Oh, they’re open Sundays too, unlike another not-to-be-named fried chicken sandwich place.

Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall

Country fried ham steak

Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall (address and info)
Old Fourth Ward
There aren’t many things more quintessentially Southern than fried ham, aka battered ham steak strips covered with peppers, greens & peanuts and served with a soup-sized bowl of white gravy.

Varuni Napoli


Varuni Napoli (address and info)
This giant fried calzone is crammed with Fior di latte mozzarella, Buffalo ricotta, Pecorino Romano, corbarino tomatoes, and salami, then topped with extra virgin olive oil and basil. Anything with that many vowels in its description has to be delizioso.  

Sebastian Davis

Boniato fries

Joystick Gamebar (address and info)
Old Fourth Ward
Bad Dog Taqueria’s takeover of Joystick means much more than just tacos: the boniato is the South American white sweet potato you didn’t know you needed until it was fried and served with sweet Jack & Coke mayo and a spicy habanero ketchup.

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