The 9 Awesomest Mac and Cheese Dishes in Atlanta

mac and cheese
Sebastian Davis
Sebastian Davis

What's better than fried chicken or the food at Atlanta's best "shackstaurants"? Well, more fried chicken/food from the ATL's best "shackstaurants," obviously. And maybe also some gloriously gooey mac and cheese, which is why we've rounded up the city's nine best dishes. Dig in...

Mac the Cheese
Mac the Cheese

Best food truck mac & cheese: Just Mac

Mac the Cheese Truck (address and info)
This rolling wagon of milky destiny stuffs it in sandwiches, casseroles it w/chicken & broccoli, tops it with all the fixings from an enchilada, and just serves it on its own, flavored w/cheddar or fontina. 

OK Cafe
Sebastian Davis/Thrillist

Best original recipe: Triple Cheese Macaroni

OK Cafe (address and info)
Your lunch lady never served “cafeteria-style” mac with the kind of deliciously twisty and buttery sauce-covered pasta you'll find at this (wayyy-more-than) OK cafe.

Vickery's mac and cheese

Best use of white cheddar: Vickery’s Mac n' Cheese

Vickery’s (address and info)
Ormewood Park
For over 30yrs (in what used to be an old lady’s house in Midtown), these folks've been serving down home eats like fried mac & marinara, and this tube-based white cheddar number, topped with cracked black pepper that probably makes past visitors to the home (ahem, Margaret Mitchell), proud.

Fox Bros
Sebastian Davis/Thrillist

Best mac that doesn't look like mac & cheese: Fox-a-Roni

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q (address and info)
Candler Park
The lone piece of shell-shaped pasta breaking the surface of this Brunswick stew is like a shark fin warning you about the dangerously delicious mac and cheese you're about to stuff between your... waitforit!... Jaws.

South City Kitchen
South City Kitchen

Best use of multiple cheeses: Four-Cheese Mac-and-Cheese

South City Kitchen (address and info)
The exact blend is a house secret, so don’t try bribing your server, just grab a Blood Orange Bourbon Smash and enjoy your own personal mini-skillet of the kind of eats your grandma would have made if it wasn't completely irresponsible to waste that much cheese.

The Spence
Sebastian Davis/Thrillist

Best use of cheese that isn't cheese: Macaroni and Head Cheese

The Spence (address and info)
No, “head cheese” isn't a dairy product that got a promotion, it's a kind of jellied meat (usually from an actual pig's head) that gets awesomely crispy when Richard Blais bakes it on top of a cauldron of bubbly elbow pasta.

The Barrelhouse
Sebastian Davis/Thrillist

Best hand-held mac: Fried Mac n' Cheese Bites

The Barrelhouse (address and info)
Your late-night eats fantasies have come to life in the form of fistfuls of cheesy mac, rolled in breadcrumbs, fried, and sided with red pepper aioli. Oh, and at $3, there’s no better cure for whatever whiskey-induced ailments you're suffering from.

Rock Shrimp and Crab Mac-n-Cheese
Sebastian Davis/Thrillist

Best for a baller: Park 75 “Mac & Cheese”

Park 75 (address and info)
The mack-daddy of Atlanta’s mac boasts rock shrimp and jumbo lump crab soaked in a light, cheesy cream sauce and tossed with some sweet spiral pasta.

Mac ‘N’ Cheesy-Changa
Sebastian Davis

Best use of mac as stuffing: Mac ‘N’ Cheesy-Changa

The Vortex (address and info)
Little Five Points
Roll pulled pork and rich, cheesy tubes of mac into a tortilla, deep-fry it, and then top it with even more melted cheese and BBQ sauce. Oh, you can’t? Then let The Vortex do it for you. Then, even better, let the kind of hot, tattooed waitresses they don't have at shackstaurants bring it to you.

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