Ford Fry brings a wood-fired feast to Buckhead

King + Duke interior

Let's just be honest: Ford Fry has been on fire as of late. With adored home runs like the Optimist, No. 246, and JCT Kitchen spread out from Decatur to West ATL, it's no wonder that he decided to expand his restaurant empire to Buckhead with the literary-inspired King + Duke, a meat mansion that proves the fork is actually mightier than both the sword and the pen.

King + Duke interior dining room

The space is open and airy with the look and feel of a cool library, but with charm and booze.

King + Duke interior bar

Speaking of booze, the cocktail and drink menus are book-bound and look like actual literary pieces with titles like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and the meat-appropriate Animal Farm, and adorn the solid wood bar and comfy leather bar stools. Expect highly crafted 'tails like...

King + Duke - Root Beer Flip and Captain Jack's Rose

... the Crown Royal Maple-heavy Root Beer Flip with root liqueur and aromatic bitters, or the Captain Jack's Rose with Applejack, baked apple bitters, and house-made grenadine. There's also a wide variety of wines and beers if you're playing it safe.

King + Duke - Wood Roasted Farm Carrots & Beets with feta and harissa

K+D's cuisine is centered around the 24ft open-fire hearth that cooks literally everything. No gas ovens, microwaves, or heat lamps in this place. Your food goes directly from flame to plate.

King + Duke - North Georgia Brook Trout with spring vegetables

The North Georgia brook trout is so fresh, it's flapping off the plate. It's served up "boy scout-style" with spring veggies, brown butter, and almonds, so expect to earn your Gluttony Badge.

King + Duke - The King bone in ribeye with marrow bones

This behemoth is called "The King", a one-kilo bone-in ribeye served with roasted marrow bones for added savagery. There's also less caveman-like fare, like roasted Peking duck, hearth-roasted ratatouille, and Mississippi rabbit.

King + Duke - The Duke burger and fries

"The Duke" burger, a house-ground blend of chuck and dry-aged cuts, is less daunting served with a pot of crispy fries.

King + Duke - Black Forest

And because every royal subject should have their cake and eat it too, there's this deconstructed Black Forest incarnation with smoked cherries and black pepper ice cream. Who knew reading was so awesome?!