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The 5 cheesiest things to eat in Atlanta

Sebastian Davis

The cheesiest thing in Atlanta is... whatever Tyler Perry's producing next, obviously. But thanks to Atlanta's pimento-and-other-kinds-of-curd-obsessed chefs, whatever's on your plate is probably a close second. Especially if you order one of these five new cheese-heavy dishes:

Sebastian Davis

Pimento cheese wontons

Sweet Auburn BBQ (address and info)
Hot orange liquid flows from these crispy shells like a cheesy version of the Centennial Park fountains. They are truly excellent by themselves, but even excellent-ier covered in SAB's bacon and sweet Thai chili sauce. You’re supposed to share them with the rest of the table, but they can order their own like grown-ups, so don't.

Zucchini fries

Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar (address and info)
Parmesan cheese leisurely melts over piping hot zucchini fries that are doing a damn good job of tricking you into thinking they aren’t still veggies, which is the least you should expect from a place with burger in its name. Twice.

Queso Fundido

La Urbana Tequila and Mezcal Bar (address and info)
A big ol’ skillet of melted Oaxaca cheese, chorizo, and rajas is yours to smother tortillas with in whatever way you see fit. We suggest using one as a funnel.

Sebastian Davis

Burrata con pesche

Don Antonio by Starita (address and info)
After they hand-make the mozzarella in front of you, filling it with a creamy, cheesy interior, you'll only want to eat cheese for the rest of your life... with a side of Georgia peaches, tomatoes, a little mint, and balsamic, of course.

Sebastian Davis

Stuffed Hog Toes

Bellwoods Social House (address and info)
This new Westside watering hole smokes their own pimento cheese and cures their own bacon before stuffing and deep-frying these Peppadew peppers (they know how cheese likes to be treated). Their smoked tomato jam provides the little lubricant you need to pop these bad boys whole, if need be.

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