Kevin Gillespie brings meat-laden dim sum to Glenwood


Don your most badass tank top and get ready to flex the biceps you don't have. Then flex the stomach muscles you definitely don't have to prepare for Top Chef alum Kevin Gillespie's Gunshow. The Glenwood meat-a-torium dishes out a weekly rotating menu of locally sourced pork, lamb, and fish offerings served up dim sum-style in an open kitchen where you can watch the crimson-bearded chef flex his culinary muscle.

The space is completely open and laid-back, with dark wood-burned tables, steel chairs with leather padding, and bandanas used for napkins. There's even a walk-in freezer in the dining room designed to make you feel like you're in Kevin's actual kitchen. Which you kinda are.

Here's where it gets interesting: chefs push around carts of dim sum-esque plates, and guests have full reign to pick and choose. For example, this locally sourced trout with shaved asparagus & brown butter could be in your stomach.

As could this slow-smoked heritage pork with German potato salad. As could pork skin risotto, the Closed on Sunday chicken sandwich, and spring veggies doused in edible Georgia pollen. All of it, really.

This bowl of hearty braised short rib sits atop a mound of lemon spaetzle and 'shrooms quite handsomely.

And don't worry, nobody's been playing with your food. This is just dessert: a re-imagined strawberry cheesecake deconstructed on the plate for you to reassembleā€¦ in your stomach.

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1. Gunshow 924 Garrett St SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Prepare for Top Chef alum Kevin Gillespie's Gunshow -- the Glenwood eatery dishes out a weekly rotating seasonal menu filled with locally-sourced pork, lamb, and fish offerings served dim sum-style in an open kitchen. Grab a seat at one of the communal tables and watch the crimson-bearded chef Gillespie flex his culinary muscle.

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