Cupcakes, wings, and cocktails in College Park

Does ordering cupcakes without even getting up and walking to a cupcake shop seem just a little Louie Anderson-y? Then stop on in to FC Tapas Lounge & Bar, who turned a previously online-only cupcake operation into a real live College Park shop, then added a bunch of other food to the menu.Cupcakes still reign, with 15 flavors rotating daily. Hit up classics like Birthday Cake (with cream cheese frosting) and Southern Red Velvet, or get adventurous with the plantain-infused Island Twist (with avocado butter cream) and the curry-heavy Spiced Chocolate.Now here's something they never told you at your 9th and 10th birthday parties: cupcakes actually go great with stiff cocktails. So nab this tequila-heavy Blue Hawaiian, presumably named by a colorblind employee they didn't have the heart to correct.And then there's a selection of sandwiches and regional small plates, from turkey clubs, to Southern shrimp & grits, BBQ pulled-pork sliders, and these tilapia tacos, none of which you should even think about until after finishing your dessert. And booze.