Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q Expands to a Second Location

Featuring double the seating.

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q
Photo courtesy of Fox Bros. Westside

Ready to eat Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q in a shiny new space with ample parking? Yes, it’s true. Jonathan and Justin Fox, twin brothers and pitmasters, have opened the second location of Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q in Atlanta’s Upper Westside.

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q exterior
Photo courtesy of Fox Bros. Westside

Located at The Works, across from the one-acre park known as The Camp, the new outpost seats 258 people (double the amount of the original). “We've been looking on the Westside for probably seven years or so. This is the fourth location that we looked at and finally settled on, and it's been a perfect fit,” says Jonathan Fox. The Fox brothers signed their lease with The Works in 2019 and started planning the design and conceptualizing the space right away. “Once we signed the lease and started going into engineering, planning, and everything like that, COVID came along. We actually filed for our permit right as COVID was settling in, and got our permits filed literally the day before the city shut down,” says Fox.

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q spread
Photo courtesy of Fox Bros. Westside

While riding out the pandemic and facing down an uncertain future of dining, they wondered whether or not they should scale down the new location. Instead, they decided to stick with the original plan. Designed by Seiber, the space features an indoor-outdoor bar with 36-seats—which means a more robust cocktail program, too, with frozen drinks. There’s also a bigger kitchen where they can focus more on takeout. “We already did such a high volume of to-go business that we built in the ability to shift that all to-go thing off of our main kitchen line and have a line dedicated just for to-go and have a big counter set up with a walkup window so you can either come in and pick it up or you just walk up the window and grab it and go,” says Fox.

This new location also allowed him and Justin to build the smokehouse of their dreams. It’s visible from the dining room and is outfitted with four big J&R Oyler smokers as well as a 1,000-gallon offset Moberg smoker. “Everything's all wood-burning in there. There's no gas-fired smokers or anything like that, so it kind of goes back to our roots a little bit,” he says.

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

When it comes to the menu, some items are specific to the Westside location (and some treats found at the original, like tater tots, won’t be offered here). One standout that Fox is excited about is the patty melt, which is made by grinding the brisket trim, house-made dijonnaise, caramelized onions, and poblanos. There’s also smoked turkey and baloney sandwiches and a vegetarian pulled mushroom sandwich with a vinegar slaw.

Looking ahead, Fox is hopeful that there will be a Fox. Bros. in multiple locations around Atlanta. But they’re taking it slow. Up next is the location in Brookhaven, which will be smaller. But Fox knows the demand for more Fox Bros. is there. “We get people everyday coming up to us, and it's like, ‘Hey, you should come here, you should come here, you should come here. We need you back over here' and stuff like that. But we're working on it,” he says.

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