Food & Drink

The Caribbean-Latin resto has a sexy new tapas lounge

Clean yourself up and head to the former aisle four, because an old grocery store is now the new home of Lounge at Cruzado, a relaxed, sit-the-hell-down-and-hookah spot from noted ATL food-lady/ competitive eater Grace Lee, who once downed a five-pound burrito in one sitting -- and it's all accessed by a sneaky, bathroom-proximate hallway in Cruzado. Or, if you're boring, a door in the front

You ever read The Yellow Wallpaper? No? Good, keep it that way. But much like it, staring at these ottomans long enough will make you go more than slightly insane

Classy curtains, so nobody can see you smoking totally legal things from a hookah for once

Light Caribbean eats include this seafood ceviche w/ plantain chips, plus crispy chicken wings w/ coconut-guava hot sauce, and Cuban bruschetta w/ red pepper cream cheese & ham

To properly put you in the Christmas kind, infused spirits like jalapeño tequila and charred cinnamon rum are aged for up to two months

And now, the cocktails, from the staple Caipirinha to the Lolita with said jalapeño 'quila, hibiscus dram & blue agave

They're pushing 10 mix-and-matchable flavors of top-notch Starbuzz tobacco, from peach, to mojito, to something called Pirate Cove, which hopefully doesn't hit too harrrrrrrrrd.