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Home Park poultry-to-go from the Antico gang

From the highly regarded team at Antico Pizza comes Gio's, which's serving up exceptional Italian-style chicken to-go or stay, feels like a takeout stand that got dropped into the Reservoir Dogs warehouse, and is very deserving of you dropping some of your Mr. Green.Walk up to the counter, and do what you're supposed to do. Order something.Pellegrino or Peroni? Is that even a serious question?Here's the Amalfi-style baked sorrento chicken w/ lemon, garlic, olive oil & wild oregano whose parents are much more ashamed of it than coriander, who didn't go to Cancun and meet that awful Joe Francis on a catamaran.Sorrentina pasta w/ bufala mozzarella, basil & fresh cherry Vesuvian tomatoes that'll go straight to your ash. This wood table is mad old.Swiss watch company Hublot likens Antico's pizza to their own $20k King Power Maradona watch, named after a man who was often regarded as high.