Food & Drink

Drink like the Devil, eat like the gods

A beefed-up Grand Park offshoot of Mezcalito's Cantina in Decatur, this upgraded taqueria serves enough chilaquiles, handcrafted margaritas, and shots of spicy tequila, that you'll feel like you're moved down South! In that you'll be slowly, surely sliding from your seat towards the floor.Never been to Mexico? Perfect. This is exactly what it's like. With bright green & red walls and wooden tables & awnings, you'd never guess that this place used to be a silo-esque woodshop.Get your heart rate up with a shot of their specialty Devil's Water, which infuses tequila with ten kinds of peppers and can be taken as a shot or in one of their margaritas.This Pepino'rita here refreshes with El Jimador Silver, lime, agave, and muddled cucumbers & mint, while other specialty margs are way more masculine, and include the Blueberry'Rita and Pom'erita.And this isn't your dad's (luchador's) Mexican food! Take the chilaquiles here, which are basically tortilla lasagna layered with red & green salsas, cheese, black beans, and chicken or steak.Meat enchiladas are also pleasantly fattening...... so much so, actually, that the skeletal wall art will probably just make you feel bad. Just like in real Mexico!