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Iconic Southern Foods You Can Ship to a Friend Right Now

You could use a little Southern comfort right now.

Maybe your plans to travel south have been upended, or a trip home has been indefinitely delayed, but take comfort knowing that you can still enjoy your favorite Southern food from the safety of your home. Many restaurants and producers are both open for takeout and shipping meals despite the bleak situation, so if you need a culinary morale boost, it’s likely just a click away. Here are 10 iconic southern dishes that you can get shipped to you right now.

Leopold’s Ice Cream

Made in Savannah, Georgia
A Savannah institution, Leopold’s has been scooping ice cream for 100 years. Their locations may be temporarily closed, but you can still get pints delivered. The ice cream is carefully packaged for shipping, and since you can’t leave your house anyway, there’s no fear that it’ll melt on your doorstep.
Cost: $12/pint

Anson Mills Grits

Made in Columbia, South Carolina
Grits are a southern staple, but they’re not all created equally. Anson Mills describes itself as a “fussy” producer of grits and the brand is beloved throughout the region. Buy a package and use them to make shrimp and grits or a cheesy grits casserole.
Cost: $5.95/12oz or $50/10lb

Weikel’s Kolache

Made in La Grange, Texas
Kolaches are Czech pastries traditionally filled with fruit and cheese. They became Texas roadside treats when Czech immigrants brought them over, and now you’ll find traditional kolaches as well as Texa-fied versions with meat fillings throughout the state. Weikel’s has three locations in Texas, but the original is in La Grange, right between Houston and Austin. Since road tripping is on hold, order a few of your favorite kolaches to enjoy at home.
Cost: $7.94/six-pack

Cafe du Monde Coffee and Beignets

Made in New Orleans, Louisiana
The buzzy Cafe du Monde is a tourist trap, but it’s worth it. Sinking your teeth into a hot, powdery beignet chased by a cafe au lait is a New Orleans ritual as old as time (or 1862, which is the year it opened). Try your hand at making beignets at home with their mix. If you really want to recreate the experience, buy their coffee while you’re at it. At least you won’t have to wait for a table at home.

Vicky Bakery Pastelitos

Made in Miami, Florida
Vicky Bakery in Miami is best known for their pastelitos. The family-owned bakery with 16 locations has been turning out the puff pastries stuffed with guava and cheese since 1972. Order yourself two dozen and live off of them for a year (or a couple weeks, whichever).
Cost: $79/two dozen

Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe Pie

Made in Key West, Florida
It’s been suggested that Key lime pie may not actually be an invention of Key West, but the dessert is undeniably a must-have treat when you visit the island. Kermit’s is a popular pie shop, and while shipping their pie doesn’t include the jovial owner’s greeting like it does in the store, it should satisfy your sweet-tart craving. For optimal pleasure, blast some Jimmy Buffet tunes while eating a slice.
Cost: $79/pie

Buttermilk Kitchen Biscuits

Made in Atlanta, Georgia
People stand in line for hours waiting to dine in the charming converted cottage in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood. The main reason behind the hullaballoo is their famous buttermilk biscuit, served hot and fluffy with jam. You can’t have the biscuits shipped to you prepared, but you can order a biscuit kit from their store. The kit includes mix, Banner butter and buttermilk, and their house-made blueberry basil jam.
Cost: $60/kit

La Farm Bakery Bread

Made in Cary, North Carolina
If you’ve spent any time in the Research Triangle you’ve probably had La Farm Bakery’s bread. The brainchild of French immigrant Lionel Vatinet, La Farm has been supplying North Carolinians in the Raleigh area with carbs since 1999. You can enjoy their comforting breads at home, like a loaf of the La Farm Bread or asiago parmesan .
Cost : $13.99/loaf + shipping

Kern’s Kitchen Derby Pie

Made in Louisville, Kentucky
The Kentucky Derby has been rescheduled for September, but there’s no reason you can’t don a magnificent hat at home and dive into a Derby Pie anytime you want. Derby Pie is trademarked by the Kern family, who has been making the chocolate walnut dessert since 1954. Originally, the pie was sold at the Melrose Inn, but now it’s only found at restaurants and retail stores throughout Kentucky... and you can buy one online .  
Cost: $46/pie

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit Biscuits

Made in Charleston, South Carolina
People form lines around the building to get some of Callie’s warm, buttery biscuits in Charleston. If you’re craving a taste of Charleston’s fluffiest treats, order one of their boxes to enjoy at home. They even have a Charleston Celebration box filled with country ham biscuits, buttermilk biscuits, and two varieties of pimento cheese.
Cost: $77.80/box

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Lia Picard is an Atlanta-based contributor for Thrillist.