Bruce Logue's black spaghetti outpost in Inman Park

BoccaLupo interior bar

Watch out, Papa John (if you even are a real papa), because Bruce Logue is gunning for the number one Italian restaurateur spot -- plus, his newest spot BoccaLupo means "mouth of the wolf", so he will just straight up eat you. Just try to have slightly better table manners while forking down his Inman Park plates, perfected after stints at STG Trattoria, La Pietra Cucina, and Mario Battali's Babbo in NY

Setting up shop in the former Sauced space, Bocca sports the same neighborhood feel, but now rocks polished concrete floors, intimate, dark wood-clad seating, and minimal artwork, so as to not distract you from the beautiful dishes about to hit your table

Menu sections run from Antipasti, to Pasta, to (awesomely) "Not Noodles". Get things started with golden fried balls of arancini with fresh herbs, or cop a "Brushetta Banh Mi" using six-hour pork, chicken liver, and giardiniera

Pastas (like this yolk tagliatelle paired with wild mushrooms & ramp greens) are handmade, and you can also expect faves from Logue's La Pietra days, including his signature black spaghetti with Calabrese sausage & red shrimp

Despite the name, this Tourist is actually pretty interesting. The gin-based cocktail's basically a take on the Negroni using Aperol, Antica Formula, Regan's Orange Bitters, and prosecco. You can also expect a nicely curated selection of Italian wines and West coast varietals, in case you're a tourist when it comes to the hard stuff

And because every well-rounded cocktail menu needs a nice punch, the Wolf In Sheep's Clothing here will definitely sneak up on you with 2oz of Troy & Sons moonshine. Wake up the next morning and you may well be a papa yourself!

BoccaLupo exterior
BoccaLupo interior dining room
BoccaLupo interior dining room
BoccaLupo exterior patio
BoccaLupo - Arancini
BoccaLupo - Brontolo
BoccaLupo - 20-yolk Tagliatelle with ramp greens & wild mushrooms
BoccaLupo - wine
BoccaLupo - The Tourist
BoccaLupo - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing