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How to completely dominate The Al's new brunch menu

The Albert - Bourbon bacon waffles and wings - Atlanta

If there's one thing ATLiens love doing on the weekend it's... convincing themselves Matty Ice is as good as, say, Joe Flacco. But if there's a second thing we love, it's hitting a good brunch spot to replenish the energy spent doing the first thing (it's hard work!). Now handling the brunch part is Inman Park comfort-foodery The Albert, which just unleashed a weekend-only AM-eats menu so good that we decided to show you how to do what we all really hope Matty will do to the NFC this year: dominate it.

The Albert - brunch cocktails

1. Order their Blueberry Shandy or In The Shade brunch 'tails
The carbs in a Bloody Mary will take up too much space in your stomach (trust us, you're gonna need it all), so ride on the lighter side with a Shandy combining Stoli Blueberry, lemonade & Sam Adams Octoberfest, or a fancied-up French 75 w/ Nolet gin, prosecco & vanilla syrup.

2. Order the Bourbon Bacon Waffles and Wings
These smoked wings-topped waffles have bacon on top and inside of them. Plus, if for some reason you skipped step one, it's cool -- the caramel syrup is infused with bourbon.

The Albert - Country Fried Pork Bowl

3. Dive into this Country-Fried Pork Bowl
Screw shrimp & grits, The Albert's doing a decidedly not-shrimpy country-fried pork cutlet & cheesy grits w/ a sunny-side-up egg. PRO TIP: that mound of bacon jam isn't just for show -- get some of that meaty/savory/sweet goodness in every bite!

The Albert - BBQ Benedict

4. You require the BBQ Benedict
A Southern take on the classic w/ slow-cooked pulled pork & egg on cornbread, drenched in a BBQ Hollandaise sauce.

The Albert -  Crunchy Cakes

5. Stacks on stacks on stacks of Crunchy Cakes
By now, your cholesterol is a little... OK, it's like, infinity higher than it should be, but everything's gonna be fine 'cause these flap jacks are made with The Al's house granola.

The Albert - Brunch Burger

6. End with the Brunch Burger
Almost time for what puts the "unch" in brunch? Try a breakfast burger layered w/ enough beef, fried egg, bacon & Hollandaise to put you where, unfortunately, the Dirty Birds hopes for the season to rest: on "Ice".