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Rosebud eats across the street and minus the wait

It turns out The Angry Chef Ron Eyester is actually the Benevolent, Well-Tempered Chef Who Makes Great Chicken & Waffles Ron Eyester -- just try his brunch at Morningside's The Family Dog (across the street from his breakfast mecca, Rosebud)

Hungry? Why wait? Specifically, why wait in the long lines at Rosebud, when you could be enjoying this Smoked Brisket Hash with garlic-infused kale & pickled celery wearing a fried-egg hat

Bet you've never had Chicken and Waffles with thigh meat before! This bad boy drenches the succulent cut and sweet potato waffle in maple syrup, then adds some shaved fennel slaw on top to cut through the sweetness

Smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and a soft-poached egg are set off with jalapenos in this skillet-served Hashbrown Casserole

The Sausage "McMuffin" is too damn busy being delicious to fear McDonald's lawyers. Riverview Farms pork, Tillamook cheddar, and pepper jelly

And finally, the Sopa de Brunch, which is some other language (possible Korean? Pig-Korean?) for brunch soup, and loads a hearty bowl of ham hock tomato broth with Berkshire ham, Carolina rice, avocado, smoked onion, and a soft-poached egg.