Food & Drink

An underground brunch/supper club in Reynoldstown

Run by a Muss & Turner's chef and Burger Coalition co-founder, Yard 54's like an underground supper club, with a few key differences: they don't serve supper (they serve Saturday brunch), they're not underground (they're in a quaint little Reynoldstown home), and they're not really a "club" -- more of a place you can go to eat four awesome courses. Otherwise, though... total supper club

Things get intimate at the six-to-eight-person meals, and the offerings will be ever-changing, but folks on their mailing list get the first crack at the secret brunch train with a preview of the upcoming menu, so sign up below

Get to know your stranger brunch-mates over starters like these deviled eggs with dill & anchovies (conversational tip: ask things like, "Have you tried the deviled eggs with dill and anchovies?"). Uncomfortable around new people? The opening reception also includes a specialty cocktail like a Bloody Mary or beer mimosa (conversational tip: drink a lot of these)

After you take your seat at the communal table, expect a second-courser like this beef carpaccio, sliced paper thin and served alongside grilled sourdough, Parm, and candied Meyer lemon slivers

The third course goes hearty with a heaping bowl of sweet tea-braised pork cheeks with Logan Turnpike grits, vanilla pear compote, and crispy kale chips

And expect each Yard 54 brunch gathering to end with sweetness like this lemon bar with raspberry sauce & lavender honey. 'Sup with these other clubs only serving dinner, anyway?