Food & Drink

Cupcakes & ice cream to lighten your day/heavy-en your body

You know how sometimes, you're eating a bunch of cupcakes -- just really digging in there -- and you think to yourself, "man, I am just way too healthy, and my physique is too good, to the point that it's actually intimidating other people"? Well, CamiCakes Creamery is here to help, because their ultra-sterile, lab-white Vinings parlor has expanded the brand's offerings to include handmade ice cream that perfectly complements the mini cakes you already know and love.Cupcakes are still in heavy supply, but flavors are pared down to the essentials (like Classic Cami with yellow cake & pink buttercream, Red Velvet with cream cheese, and Chocolate with peanut butter icing) that go best with the cold cream on hand.Basically cupcake whoopie pies.The flavors will change daily based on seasonality, but expect daily mainstays like strawberry, salted caramel, buttered pecan, and mocha, plus more adventurous outings like chocolate cherry almond and peanut brittle -- just don't get all broken up if they don't have it every day.If you don't end up getting your cream with a cupcake, you can eat it out of one of these red velvet waffle cones. Or in an ice cream sammich. Or...... in a Mason-jar'd old-timey float, which is now also what you'll do whenever you get in the pool.