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Iron Chef dim sum at Jose Garces's Revel noodle bar

Garlic ginger chicken wings at Yuboka at Revel

If Revel's high-limit pai gow tables leave you unsatisfied, lay both your hands down behind them at Philly Iron Chef Jose Garces's casino-floor noodle bar and cocktail counter Yuboka, and pick up his 20-plate menu of made-to-order Eastern eats like these spicy garlic-ginger chicken wings, Peking duck bowls, plus five kinds of dumplings imported from favorite Dim Sum Garden, who can teach you a thing or two about knowing how to fold 'em.

Seafood noodle bowl at Yuboka at Revel in Atlantic City

Want black cod without a black card? $18 scores you Yuboka's priciest dish, also loaded with poached shrimp, jumbo lump crab, and crispy shallot-showered udon noodles which're all rained down on a bowl of Taiwanese barbecue sauce.

Dim Sum Garden dumplings at Yuboka at Revel in Atlantic City

Slurp your soup in dumpling form with Dim Sum Garden's Shanghai-style steamers arriving from Philly in a bicycle bamboo basket.

The sauces at Yuboka at Revel in Atlantic City

Just like any Chinese takeout, you stash away as much sauce as will fit in your pockets, including house-made ginger scallion, red chili oil, Sriracha, and black vinegar soy.

Lamb burger at Yuboka at Revel in Atlantic City

Since they don't come in packets, stash them in this pocket. The shredded lamb burger is wok-fried with cumin and enveloped in a house-baked bun.

Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon cocktails at Yuboka at Revel in Atlantic City

Want to hit even more sauce? Opt for these lychee-sake Crouching Tiger and Thai chile-and-gin Hidden Dragon 'tails which are probably garnished with umbrellas to represent Shu Lien's struggle as a female warrior in a patriarchal society. Ponder that while not struggling with ordering another.