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Boardwalk your way to 40oz of ribs-smothered Kobe beef

The Carving Board Burger at Bally's Preview Bar in Atlantic City

If you've ever tried to pack an entire casino buffet into a dinner roll, you probably realized A) ambrosia and fro-yo don't mix, and B) you really just wanted a burger. Fortunately, the chef at Bally's Preview Bar's read your comment card and redefined the food of the gods with this carving-station celebration of National Burger Month: 40oz of grilled-to-order ground Kobe smothered in hand-carved prime rib, then garnished with short ribs, cheese fondue, and a whole salad.

Four 10oz Kobe beef burger patties at Bally's Preview Bar

The Carving Board Burger's got so much Kobe beef you'd think Shaq created it.

Slow roasted prime rib sliced at Preview Bar at Bally's

Said beef gets piled with 12oz of hand-carved, garlic-and-salt-roasted prime thumb rib...

Port wine braised short ribs at Bally's Preview Bar

... and because that clearly isn't enough rib, a half-pound of these port wine-braised short ribs au jus.

A pile of Formica Bros foccaccia in the kitchen of Bally's Preview Bar

Unlike most casino buffets, you won't have to worry about filling up on bread here. You're only getting two slices...

An open-faced Carving Board Burger at Bally's Preview Bar

... of a 17in x 12in pan sheet of Formica Bros focaccia.

The chef squeezes balsamic syrup atop Bally's Preview Bar's Carving Board Burger

Once the focaccia's meat-ed out, the chef still has time to ladle out two cups of sweet Gorgonzola fondue and go all abstract expressionist with a Pollock's worth of balsamic syrup.

Vegetables that come atop the Carving Board Burger at Bally's Preview Bar

Only ordering this burger because a salad would've attracted too much attention? Don't worry, it's topped with a whole one.

Bally's Preview Bar's Carving Board Burger atop a carving board

And remember: you'll only be a freak for swallowing one of these whole.