Swift's Attic
Inventive Sunday morning eats Downtown

Not just where Stromile keeps all of his extra Memphis Grizzlies headbands, Swift's Attic is also where you can now get a Sunday brunch that includes everything from grilled oysters to pork cheeks

Behold: peanut butter pancakes topped with foie gras and jelly (and bacon!).

These are their seared scallops with bacon hominy. They're served sorta like a "toad in the hole", if by "toad in the hole" you mean the classic English dish and NOT what Mario's little buddy shouts while having sex

Grilled quail with eggs and root vegetables, or what Fruit tells Legume to do at the annual Food Group 3-on-3 Tournament

And of course to wash it all down they've got a next-level build-your-own-Bloody bar, with hot sauces and pickled veggies ranging from shishito peppers to kimchi, a dish that's more likely to be found fermenting in Stromile's basement than his attic.

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1. Swift's Attic 315 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701

On the second floor of the historic Swift's Premium Food Co. building, the appropriately named Swift's Attic serves up farm-to-table, American-style tapas. The artistic plates hold their own against an equally impressive display of local craft brews and a liquor ice tap. Yes, this enables instantaneous cold liquor at your disposal.

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