Food & Drink

Carnival food minus the carnies

Raised by hippie vegetarian parents before taking a turn for the fun-loving as the GM of Toy Joy and a devourer of unhealthy foods, the woman behind Fried and True's now dishing out State Fair-inspired snacks caked in batter/nostalgia out of a Rainey St trailer, fitting as that area becomes more like a carnival every day.Aside from the corn dogs, the star of the savory selections is the Coat to Coast corn & avocado fritters. Don't frit, because they've also got sweet ones like the Midnight Adventure (chocolate and cardamom with choc sauce) and The Orchard (apple and pecan with salted caramel).But dessert's where they really shine, deep-frying everything from brownie bites to Oreos, and of course they're also candying bacon in brown sugar, dipping it in chocolate, and finishing it off with smoked salt... then slightly adjusting their prediction should you pay them a dollar to guess your weight.