Food & Drink

Feast your eyes on... this feast

Setting the standard for downtown fine dining since its opening two years ago, Congress has just passed a nearly entirely new menu that, to the dismay of progressives, still includes their signature pork... belly

Ossetra is the second most expensive type of caviar in the world. Here it's served in a bed of brown butter and cauliflower cream alongside chives and potato chips, ensuring you're not the only one getting Layed

These barely poached Mayflower oysters are complemented by hominy, chorizo, kumquat, and coriander blooms, essentially making the oyster a vessel for a deconstructed pozole soup

This barbecued eel won't be helping Ursula anymore

The only holdover from the old menu, the crisp pork belly's been revamped by slowing the cooking time and flipping the auxiliary ingredients (charred avocado, green chili hominy, bacon marmalade) in a less Southwestern-y direction

The wine program has also been refreshed, partly due to the necessity of pairing it with bolder dishes like this Korean Barbecued Quail

Much like Prince circa 1984, the roasted escolar is inspired by the color purple, as expressed with the fingerlings, pearl onions, grapes, verjus, and juniper

Not just a derogatory term for sea creatures with amazing bodies but little going on in the face department, the butterfish is scorched and served alongside dates, caramelized fennel, aged sherry vinegar, and almond

Butterscotch pudding is fried, topped with tangerine, then plated with English toffee and cocoa nib sorbet

Vietnamese coffee ice cream, condensed milk, hazelnut, and orange zest -- fitting as its plate will soon be zestfully cleaned.