The guy behind Lamberts, Clark's, and Fresa's opens a new Clarksville spot

Owned by the restaurant wunderkind behind the Jeffrey's renovation, and located, well, behind Jeffrey's, Josephine House is a Clarksville bungalow-turned-lazy-lunching-destination, with 30+ seats, a daily changing menu, and an easy-sipping selection of afternoon cocktails

Like your not-all-that-tan friend who won't stop saying "hella", the chef is imported from Northern California. Here's her chilled beet soup

The Gulf amberjack tartare is piled on crostinis with lime, scallion, and freckles of ginger

The striking flavors of black olive and crispy pancetta (bacon's more mature, but still pretty rowdy cousin) complement the subtleties of Gulf barrel grouper a la planca with fennel puree

Their bar program's helmed by a guy who helped open Weather Up and has worked at nearly every cocktail joint in town. This is his pineapple daiquiri, loaded with Cana Brava rum, lime juice, vanilla bean, and pineapple syrup, which (assuming your name is Robert) you'll probably wanna sop up with a Sponge, Bob

Essentially a Pimm's Cup with rye instead of gin, the House Fruit Cup rivals even the most impressive offerings from Dole and Tropicana. Certainly something you can get behind.