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Chicken wings inspired by Chris Farley

Deciding on the name after a serendipitous viewing of Tommy Boy, the culinary school trained honcho behind TWW has teamed with his brother to spread the gospel of bite-sized poultry out of the Barton Springs Trailer Park, which if patronized enough, will allow them to open a second business called Little Coats For Fat Guys. Now prepare for several more Tommy Boy references ahead! What the American public doesn't know is what makes them the American public, which is a really insightful quote to come from a Chris Farley movie, and also a reason they won't share the recipe to their OG sauce.This photo shows the secret to the perfect falling-off-the-bone wing -- cutting all but one tendon. Thankfully, it does not show anyone taking a good look at a T-bone by sticking their head up a bull's ass. Get some of this spicy pineapple sauce on your shirt and it'll... wait for it... be sure to leave a mark.They're also doing daily specials ranging from jalapeno-garlic stuffed wings, to sauces using seasonal local peppers hot enough to invoke an exclamation of "Holy Schnikes!" (this concludes the portion of this program dedicated exclusively to Tommy Boy references. Thanks for reading).