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Artisan smoked salmon in front of the Barton Creek Mall

Like 'N Sync when Lance Bass joined, the Barton Creek Farmers Market is a lot fishier (!) than before thanks to Celtic Seafare: an artisan salmon purveyor that meticulously salts, smokes, and slices farm-raised fish to be sold as packaged fillets or in freshly-made crepes, bagels, and sandwiches.Sourced mainly from countries that wear weird hats (Scotland, Norway, and Canada), each fish is hand-picked to ensure quality, then hit with a heavy dose of Belgian sea salt mixed with cane sugar.Matthew McConaughey wasn't available, so the smoke comes from this traditional wood-burning kiln.This fillet's topped with sweet plum sauce and the type of seeds that resulted in Elaine's temporary termination from the J Peterman Company.It's savory brother is flavored with poblano and lemon pepper.Lox is traditionally brined, but CF says "as if!" to that and opts for a quick, cold smoke in order to maintain the full flavor, then serves the fish on freshly-baked Wholly Bagels.The tail end of the fish makes its way into this mousse since it's the saltiest, much like all the members of 'N Sync when super-hot Lance joined.