Permanent Japanese noodles in Brentwood

Much like that one super boring Transformer, Michi's just turned its short-lived ramen trailer into a bona fide brick and mortar on North Lamar, peddling noodle-y wonderment in a 75ish-seater marked by thick, Japanese-inspired wood beams.Their broth's made from pork bones that simmer for nearly as long as it takes Kiefer Sutherland to thwart a terrorist plot/find the camera angle that makes him look taller than 5'4". In addition to the traditional tonkotsu version, they're also offering a meat-lover's (w/ extra slices of chasu pork shoulder), a vegetarian, and a miso, all available with three different levels of broth thickness.The remnants of pork shoulder that don't make it into the soup get charred and served as burnt ends.Mochi ice cream's sticky rice coating ensures it melts in your mouth, not in your hands. Also accomplishing this: spoons.Still hungry? Don't worry, they'll refill you super fast thanks to giant exclamation marks over their heads that alert them to when people are out of ramen.