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#BDOYL. It's here, Austin.

Austin Best Day of Your Life

You dreamt of this day as a child. The longest day of the year, Thrillist-curated perfection from sunrise to sunset. After what must have seemed like a lifetime of waiting, you've finally made it to the Best Day of Your Life. To make sure that this day is the absolute best that it can be, we've taken the liberty of whipping up a handy map and itinerary with all of the spots to hit (plus this mobile version, which'll let you save the whole thing to your Foursquare app). The whole deal includes:

  • Buy-one-get-one tacos at Tamale House.*
  • Get to Banger's early (starting at 5p), and the beer'll be on us.**
  • Stick around Banger's for 1/2-off pints from 5-7p.*

Don't forget to be posting with the hashtag #BDOYL all up on your social media, and follow what everyone else is posting right here. Gather your friends, your friends' friends, your friends' friends' brothers' mechanics' uncles' yoga instructors' friends, and get out there and BDOYL it up. *You'll need to check in on Foursquare to take advantage of these babies.**While supplies last on the freebies at Banger's -- first come, first served.