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5 ways to enjoy awfully delicious Austin offal

Published On 09/11/2014 Published On 09/11/2014
Anastacia Uriegas

Austin What is offal, you say? Well, it refers to meat -- specifically internal organs, entrails or... just the "leftovers". Either way, when prepared by a skilled chef, it can become "I don't care WHAT this is"-level delicious. We’ve rounded up a few options for those of you who aren't afraid to broaden your horizons...


Sweetbread Croquettes

It’s not bread, it’s not sweet, IT’S A THYMUS GLAND! This delicate meat is prepared masterfully at Parkside, served with a tangy bonito tonnato sauce, tomato confit, and fried capers. Also, check out their happy hour, it’s one of the best in town.  Continue Reading


Oxtail Waffle

Noble Sandwich Co.
Try the tender, juicy oxtail served on a potato & leek waffle with a beautiful fried egg placed on top. It’s served with fat potato wedges and a nice little pile of pickled accoutrements. 

Anastacia Uriegas

Pork Scrapple

Épicerie Café & Grocery
Épicerie’s scrapple is made by simmering a pig’s head until the meat falls off the bone, then grinding it with pork blood. Buckwheat, grits, and spices are added, and it’s served on top of brioche toast with a perfect fried egg. Mmm...

Anastacia Uriegas

Beef Tongue Hash

East Austin 
Savory beef tongue, tossed with perfectly crisp potato cubes, topped with a poached egg is what you’re getting into when you order this. Pair it with a Bloody Mary and BOOM: all the food groups. 

Anastacia Uriegas

Tripa Tacos

Las Trancas
East Cesar Chavez 
Las Trancas serves authentic Mexican street tacos, and the most popular offering is their Tripa Taco, made from beef intestines that are thoroughly cleaned and fried until crispy. Pair that with their tomatillo sauce and you’re a happy camper. 

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1. Parkside 301 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

Right on Sixth Street, Parkside is a relatively upscale gastropub known for its raw bar and wine selection. Though the oysters are sourced from all over the country and the wine menu is more than two pages long, don't think it's just a wine and oyster bar. The menu features protein entrees, a knockout cheeseburger, and Texan craft beers.

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2. Epicerie Cafe & Grocery 2307 Hancock Dr., Austin, TX 78756 (Rosedale)

Epicerie is a one-stop shop for specialty groceries, a cup of joe, and artisanal cafe fare. Try the specialty meats and cheeses and enjoy the outdoor dining or just take a morning coffee break.

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3. Contigo Austin 2027 Anchor Ln, Austin, TX 78723 (Mueller)

Contigo Austin strives to bring the ranch to the people, having patrons sit down at large wooden tables on an equally expansive patio to chow down on flawless BBQ, other seasonally diverse menu items, and a long list of craft beer. Open for dinner and brunch, you can enjoy outdoor or indoor seating, as well as some great happy hour specials. Contigo is the perfect place to catch up with friends or bring a more casual date.

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4. Las Trancas 1210 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702 (East Austin)

Head out to this food truck, situated in an empty parking lot, and grab some of their cheap tacos. The sauces, like Monterrey Mesquite BBQ, add a nice kick. The best move? Corn tortilla, extra crispy, extra green sauce. Don't think, just order.

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5. Noble Sandwich Co. 12233 620 N, Austin, TX 78750 (North West)

Noble Sandwich Co.'s commitment to "real food" means you'll never find anything on the menu made with boxed, canned, or pre-sliced ingredients. Sandwiches here are made purely with hand-crafted ingredients: bacon, chorizo, pickles, and bread are smoked, rolled, brined, and baked in-house, respectively. The shop opens in the morning to serve its fresh-baked biscuit sandwiches, then continues service throughout the day with savory options like the Noble Pig, a spicy ham, pulled pork, and bacon sandwich with provolone and mustard on thick-cut bread. If that triple-meat combo sounds too heavy, swap the yeasted book-ends for a lettuce wrap.



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