An authentic Jamaican trailer on East 6th

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get ready Austin, it's Jamaican trailer time. Austin Juicy Jerk is an awesomely named late-night satiation station from an actual Jamaican who ran a successful jerk-house in London until Olympic construction forced his Exodus

Although it doesn't have vinyl and stripes and a cup built right in, the jerk(!)-spiced chicken is served boneless alongside steamed cabbage and rice & beans

Oxtail stew -- delicious, and also a great reggae band name

An example of the island's diverse culinary influences, beef patties are derived from Asian dumplings. The owner of the trailer recounted that Jamaican mothers who couldn't afford patties would claim they contained dog meat to dissuade their whining children

And then there are these cinnamon cornmeal rolls (dubbed Festival): a late-night Kingston staple meant to soak up a night's worth of drinking and, in turn, help avoid Legendary hangovers.